Foundation Review: Koh Gen Do Aqua 213

So, I’ve had this awhile now and I’ve worn it lots of times, enough to finally share my thoughts!

Wow, now this is a flatlay I am quite proud of!!!

First off, this is definitely not something you expect to be able to get for cheap on Carousell, as it is a very niche brand. So I had to buy retail, which pains my soul. At $80 for 30ml, it is on par with other high end foundations. For reference, Armani’s Lasting Silk is $87. NARS Sheer Glow is $73, Shu Uemura Light Bulb is $75. So straddling the line between department store brands and outright luxury. Good thing that there’s a counter in Taka, so feel free to use all your Taka vouchers! šŸ™‚

This foundation has a rather more liquid consistency compared to the Armani Lasting Silk. The Armani seems to have better surface tension to hold it together, while the KGD will dribble around on your hand. It’s actually paler than the Armani, which is not too great for me because I find the Armani perfect on my paler days. I find this very confusing, because other bloggers like Karima mention it here and she’s supposedly NC25, darker than me, but I find this workable to just a little too pale for me. I’m quite pale now because it’s been rainy, but I probably will end up slightly darker in the summer months.

Here are some comparison swatches:

L-R: KGD 213, KGD 213 blended out, Armani Lasting Silk in 4.5, Blackbird Everest eyeshadow

I used Blackbird Everest because it’s very obviously a muted olive green on the website swatches, but it looks totally plain grey on me because the green blends in with my skin. The KGD is obviously a lot greener than the Armani, which leans warmer and peachier.

The packaging is elegant and boring, with clean lines and a no-nonsense, easy to control pump. Perfect! Because it’s a bit liquidy, give it a quick shake before dispensing.

213 is a very olive colour. It is discernibly green, and the only colour that is green in the range. Unfortunately it also seems just a bit too light for me. At this point, I’ve just about given up finding a foundation that matches me right out of the bottle, and I’m used to mixing in darkener everyday. After the current darkener runs out, I’ll buy Armani Luminous Silk in 6 for that olive goodness. It also means that if I unfortunately tanned a little in the warmer months, I would be able to use this foundation too.


The coverage on this, I would say, is a light medium. You can see in the swatch above that it’s a little sheer. I don’t know how much foundation you guys use on a daily basis, but I use very, very little. When my Armani’s pump was still working (before I dropped it on the floor one too many times) I always used half a pump, plus a touch of darkener, for my entire face, just to smooth out my skin and uneven bits. 1 full pump was when I really had something to hide/wanted to look great for some reason. With the KGD, I use about 3/4 for daily, because it’s definitely sheerer. If you’re the kind that uses 2 pumps for normal days, then you’ll likely find this about a medium.

Bare skin (and everything else actually – my brows are looking fabulous!)
1 Pump of KGD immediately after application. My skin was a leeeetle dry when applying this, although I don’t think it shows up in pics. It’s OKAY in colour, but just a touch too pale.
A couple of hours later (I was baking.) Colour has settled down a little bit.


More pics, on another day, with better white balance…

Red spots are because of the seriously strong Vitamin C from The Ordinary. Don’t worry, they settle down after awhile. Good test for the foundation.
Amazing how a lot of the redness is covered! This is 1 full pump, which is just a bit more than what I would use for a normal day.

On my skin, this has a slightly glowy finish, a bit more than satin but not dewy. It makes my skin look very juicy and youthful. You can still see my nose pores and such – it’s not like the magical Photoshop in a bottle Lasting Silk. I tend to still put a silicone primer on my nose to smooth out pores and increase longevity.

The best thing about this foundation is that it’s so damn comfortable to wear. Despite my well documented passion for Lasting Silk, the high alcohol content can get drying. I sometimes find flakes on my chin on bad skin days, and on REALLY bad skin days, my skin can feel a bit tight or itchy at the end of the day, especially with my office air. However, I can always trust the KGD never to give me such troubles.

Some people like Renee have mentioned that this foundation’s lasting power isn’t great, but I don’t find that to be the case on my skin. I still look decent at the end of the day, and that’s all that matters to me. It doesn’t break up, and my nose isn’t exposed/red and my skintone is still evened out, so that’s good enough for me. Of course, it’s a bit shinier, but I’m okay with slightly shiny. For people who mind that, you may need to blot and/or powder.

Overall, I think this is a beautiful foundation formulation and so very easy to wear in the daytime. It has perfect undertones for me, if not quite the right depth, and looks wonderfully satin-glowy. It will probably suit people who are dry to veeeery slightly oily, depending on how much dewiness you prefer.

The best way to get all the best properties of Lasting Silk and KGD is to mix them, of course. Half a pump of each and a touch of darkener and I’m looking flawless while still remaining comfortable.

Would you try this foundation? What do you think?


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