Fragrance review: Coach Signature Rose D’Or EDP

This is a perfume originally bought by my mum, but I kind of repossessed it.

Coach’s perfumes have, surprisingly, gotten fairly good reviews on Fragrantica. I mean, Coach to me is a slightly dowdy brand after all. It’s reflected in the bottle, which I think is super ugly and uninteresting.

For this specific scent, according to Fragrantica, ‘Top notes of Coach Signature Rose D’Or offer a rich blend of floral notes and spices. Orange blossom and geranium appear first and are spiced with saffron and coriander. The heart incorporates romantic notes of centifolia rose notes surrounded with jasmine and peony, sweetened skillfully with raspberry zest. A rich and seductive bouquet is resting on precious woody notes of oud and is warmed with ambergris and vanilla. Depth and darker shades are provided by patchouli balanced skillfully with castoreum and leather leaving the signature of Coach brand.’

I have no artistic talents for flatlays. But I do love my necklace of jadeite pearls.

When I spritz this, I do smell some light floral, which I suppose is the orange blossom. It is just a little bit spicy and oriental, yes, but the main bulk of the smell is rose. Super strong, overwhelming rose. Generally, my skin tends to make rose scents very musky. It’s still sweet if you sniff close, but the further you get a lot muskier and smokier – a smoky and woodsy rose. Not usually my style, since I normally don’t even like rose, but it’s interesting, for the days I want to feel/smell more mature. Definitely, it’s a more mature scent. I imagine a Giorgio Armani model-esque femme fatale, in her 40s but still absolutely hot and sexy, wearing this.

This stuff, let me tell you, has INSANE sillage and longevity. Originally, my mum told me ‘Don’t even spray this on your body, just get a bit on the hem of your dress.’ I can only spray 1 spritz, because any more will give me a headache. It still goes as strong as ever at the end of the day.

20170205_122003 copy.jpg
still trying hard…

I think this is an interesting scent that is so very long lasting – good for evenings and cold weather. I will probably never finish this 100ml bottle because you need so little. Is the bottle kind of ugly?  Yes. Do I recommend it for everyone? Super no, because you have to be really of a certain age or mentality to like it. But if you prefer your scents more mature, or if you love strong, deep rose scents, you would probably like this.


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