How much does your skincare cost you?

We all have our skincare favourites we repurchase over and over again. Have you ever thought about how much your entire routine costs say, in a month?

Thanks to my relentlessly seeking out good budget alternatives, my skincare items tend to be quite affordable. I’m using retail prices, although I do try to grab good deals where possible. I didn’t count shipping fees, because usually when I buy Korean skincare on Qoo10, I maximize my coupons so that my shipping is basically free. I also try to overestimate my usage where possible, so it’s perfectly possible for the products to last me longer than what I have stated below.

Caveat: my face is quite small and my skin quite balanced, so I tend to use very little product.

Current routine: My current routine is a little bare-bones, because I’m waiting for my fancy shit to arrive. 



Cleanser: $9.50 (CosRX Low PH Gel cleanser – no idea how long it lasts yet – say, 6 months?) Cost per month: $1.58

Vitamin C serum: $15.57 (OST C20 [reviewed]– has lasted me 4 months so far with a bit left, so I’ll count it as 5.) Cost per month: $3.11

Day moisturizer: $14.50 (CosRX Ultimate Honey mask [reviewed]– 4 months of usage and still about 1/3 left. So I’ll count it as 6 months conservatively.) Cost per month: $2.42

Sunblock: $3.50 (3W Clinic Sunblock [reviewed]– my staple!!!! I go through a tube every 3 months or so. I use it as both a body and face sunblock.) Cost per month: $1.17

Morning routine total per month: $8.28




Make up removal: $6 (a HUGE 500ml bottle of Johnson’s baby oil. Definitely at least a year  or more out of this.) Cost per month: $0.50

Cleanser: $34 (Currently using the Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Cleanser in 473ml. Yes, I did buy it in 2015 (review) or earlier. And there is still a LOT left. And my sister also uses it everyday. I’m telling you, this thing is never ending. I am very conservatively pegging it at 2 years. The RTP is obtained from the stockist in Singapore. I probably paid less than that.) $1.42

BHA: $17.30 (CosRX BHA: This shit lasts a long, long LONG time. My first bottle lasted me like, 1.5 years. So I think a year at least.) Cost per month: $1.44

AHA:$14.50 ( CosRX AHA: Also lasts a long time. They come in 150ml bottles, hey. I’m counting it as a year.) Cost per month: $1.21

Serum: $17.40 (Galactomyces 95 Essence: Somehow I go through this quite fast despite it also being a 150ml bottle. I’m going to count it as 9 months.) Cost per month: $1.93 [sorry, this originally had a typo!!!]

Moisturizer: $14.50 (CoxRX rice mask [reviewed]– Conservatively, I’ll say it lasts for 6 months.) $2.42

Night routine total per month: $8.92


Combined total: $17.20

I would call this quite a simple routine as I just have a few actives and the basics, no fancy serums and such. But it shows that almost everyone can have a decent basic skincare routine if you’re willing to just spend $16-$20 a month (and not buy new products endlessly that you don’t finish, of course!) You can even cut out some of the extra fancy frills, like the Vit C serum, which will bring down your cost a lot.

How much does your skincare routine cost you? Do you also as obsessively search for cheap and effective products like I do?



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