Unsung heroes: Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow

There are some make up items I use very often, sometimes daily, and never ever talk about because they’re just not very interesting.

My daily contour, Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow, is one of them. Below is an ooooooold photo, maybe over a year ago?


And this is how it looks like today… seriously, is it not neverending? And I use this EVERYDAY. Albeit just a little.


For my skin, it is a perfect shadow shade. Notice how it doesn’t look too rosy or too ashy. It’s literally my skin but shadowier.


On my normal skin, this cream is also very long wearing. On the sides of my nose, it lasts really the whole day. Of course it fades a bit compared to the start of the day but my nose always, always looks contoured until I take all my make up off. It’s also creamy enough to be easy to apply and diffuse on my skin. I use the purple brush in the first pic – the Real Techniques crease brush, which is a very dense and rounded shape and also super mega huge for my eyes, as it applies the pigment in a thin enough layer with controlled application.


If you’re around my skintone or fairer, leaning towards yellow/olive toned, and are looking for a natural (not dramatic) contour for daily use, and not terribly dry or oily skinned, this is a beautiful option that will last you damned near a lifetime. This was a semi-impulse purchase on my part, as I knew this was a contour for fair skinned people and could read very jaundiced on cool-skinned folk, but hey, jaundiced is my middle name, almost! I’m glad it turned out fanstastic.

Illamasqua has a boutique in Takashimaya, or you can buy it online direct at the illamasqua website here.


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