Easy eyes with my favourite colour: Hint of Mint

My favourite colour is obviously, warm mint green. Best if there’s a shot of gold shimmer through it. I love it so much I have at least 4 of them. And my eye is always drawn to any mint greens in palettes.

Here’s a simple, no fuss way to wear it daily, without looking like too much colour.

I basically applied my nice shimmery mint green in my inner corners and maybe the inner 1/3 to 1/2 of my eyelid. I also have some on the lower inner corner. I believe this mint is my catrice single My Mermint. It’s dirt cheap (like $4?) and very beautiful, if a little bit dusty and prone to sheering out. Use it over a stickier base/primer for most stunning results.

I used a pencil liner (Clio Gelpresso in Golden Black [affiliate]- review) which is a warm olivey black with gold shimmer, which ties in very well, and just defined my lashline a little bit. And literally everything else was bare. I think it’s a very fresh, undone look that’s very easy and quick.


Here’s the overall look. If you have Asian epicanthal folds like me, the green will just peek through when your eyes are open, and look very subtle. Kept to the fresh theme with a sheer glossy lip bronzer and some peachy blush. Very minimal base if I remember correctly.

(Is it just me or are my cheeks super huge here… :0 )


I think this technique is super easy to do with any light, fresh colour. I’ll definitely doing this with lime yellow and other slightly more unorthodox colours too!


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