Doll-eyed liner

Okay, disclaimer. This is a revelation to me and likely to me only. You may have been doing this all your life, Idk 😀

If you noticed, I do a wing almost every time I line my eyes. It’s not a cat-eye wing. It’s just something I’ve been doing ever since I’ve started doing eyeliner all the years ago. My eyes are pretty large, and I find that winging it out creates a slightly more almond shape that looks very elegant and classic, and maybe slightly sultry. Things I try to be (but not really am :P) You can see it here, here, here. Seriously, at this point my hand just does it naturally. Nothing dramatic or angled, just an extension of my eye shape.

(Similarly, for false lashes, not that I wear any on the regular, I prefer ones that flare out at the outer edges. Just looks right to me somehow.)

Anyway, the other day I tried NOT doing a wing for once… and achieved a different effect! But I do quite like it. So if you’re like me and wing everything out all the time, try this.

Basically, I took a dark taupe shadow and lined it all around my eyes. Shadow is good because it’s soft and slightly imprecise. You don’t want a harsh line like gel gives you. I also prefer cooler tones for this, but do your preference.


(Also, LASHES!!)

Alllll the way even into the inner corner. I find that bringing it all the way to the tear duct really makes it totally different to how I was doing my liner before (which usually ended at maximum, halfway round the bottom lashline.) With a black shadow (I tried) I look like an alien because my eyes look fucking humongous. With a brown/taupe, they just look super round and dolly. Also note the absence of a wing. It just literally goes all round the eyes and hug the lashline.

I like to do this without any other eyeshadow for maximum no-makeup-makeup naturalness.



(Sorry, I literally had a dental appointment that morning, so you can imagine my chin is a little exposed 😛 It somehow looks fairly good still, I’m not bothered about it!)

I also kept the rest of my colour palette very pretty and neutral. A bit more colour on the cheeks (a beautiful wine – Rouge Bunny Rouge Florita) and a pink tinted balm (Mentholatum Sugar lips in Vintage Pink)

Since I lost my angled liner brush, this is a very simple way to line my eyes that I’m actually rather fond of. Somehow I’m really feeling the sweet natural looks, for these couple of weeks at least 😛


When was the last time you changed up your make up? How did it go?


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