The Magical Bottle of Eyelash/Brow Growth: Bimatoprost

Update: Moar pics at the end!

Bimatoprost is a drug that is frequently used to treat glaucoma, and also has the very nice cosmetic effect of making hair GROW like nuts. Let Lab Muffin, the cool Australian chick explain how it works.

I’ve always had decent lashes and brows, but last time, I never felt like mascara ever made a difference. If it did, it required tons of effort of curling and application. It would be REALLY nice to have fluttery amazing lashes by just waking up.

Latisse is $200/bottle, so I splashed for the generic version, Careprost, which has the same concentration of bimatroprost, at $20/bottle.

So I’m sure what you really want to know is, does it work?


Here’s photographic evidence for your perusal, of both my eyelashes and brows.



Curled and with mascara [btw, I’ve used the same type of mascara for more than a year, in all these pictures, so it’s not the mascara making the difference.]:



(this one looks like bare lashes. You can see I naturally have fairly good lashes, just that like all Asian lashes they point doooooown. And are dastardly difficult to curl.)



2-3 weeks after using Bimatoprost:

With mascara


(I think the below pic’s upper lashes for this weren’t curled to their full potential, but look at the lower ones!!!!)



And a look at my brows…

Totally barefaced. I have a fair amount of brow hair but they’re just… kinda sparse? After about 1+ month on bimatoprost, you can see they are a LOT darker – just more density of hair. I don’t even need to do eyebrows anymore when I walk out without make up.

eyebrow comparison.jpg


So here’s a before and after with bare lashes. You can see my lashes are coming in denser and more lush, and they’re slightly longer. The photo doesn’t show them dramatically longer, but believe me, it makes a hugeeeee difference when I curl and put on mascara.



Bimatoprost has also made it far easier to curl my lashes. I’m not sure why – it may be because of the additional length. My curl also holds for very much longer. I’ll take it!

In any case, I’ve only been on bimatoprost about 3-4 weeks, and it takes 2 months to see full results. I’m already very happy at the stage I am, so I wonder how I’ll look at the end of January? 😀 And best of all, you get to tell everyone these are your natural lashes, and there is no fiddling with falsies and glue, no extensions to worry about!

I apply it every night right now, but after the first bottle, I will be applying it maybe 3x a week for maintenance.

Update 16/1/17 – Maybe 2 months of usage? I have a couple of patches with very short lashes because some of the mega long lashes fell out. The slightly bare patches are growing back, so once the growth cycle is stabilized, I expect there to be no more bare patches where lash hair falls out all at one go while others are still insanely long. FYI, this is similar to the pregnancy hair effect. When you’re pregnant, your hair grows nonstop and doesn’t fall out (unless you yank at it) so after you give birth it falls out in massive clumps and youll have some bare patches until the hair grows back in its normal growth cycle again.

20170108_102341(0).jpgBare lashes – I mean holy crap look at the LENGTH!!! I have less volume than fake lashes but I definitely match them in length. I easily get a very fluttery look.


Omg mega long and you can see I barely applied any mascara.

Very freaking happy, and STILL on the first bottle – I am applying it once every 2 days now.

Update 15/3 – My sister asked me today how to get my eye look – and I was wearing NOTHING on my eyes. No shadow no eye primer no mascara no nothing. I think I got a little bit of darkness around my eyes naturally, and bimatoprost also darkens the lashline a little bit, partially also because the lashes look so thick and lush now. I am SO happy with the unintended compliment 😛

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