2016 Roundup

Here is a quick, late and requisite round up post of 2016


Worst beauty related:

  1. Hormonal acne: seriously ain’t this a bitch. I used to have perrrrfect, clear, porcelain skin with the OCCASIONAL whitehead, like once a month. Nowadays, around my period I get deep cystic painful acne, thankfully only on the chin area while the rest of my face stays blissfully porcelain smooth like the olden days. Many days I’m like ‘damn, am I blessed with good skin THANK GOD except those bloody things on my chin.’ I’ve been trying to fight it with AHA and BHA, and Vit C to lighten the scars, but truthfully I don’t think there’s much you can do about hormonal acne except with serious medication like Tretinoin or maybe an IUD? I’m going to go hardcore with retinoids soon.
  2. I think that’s it. I must be ultra forgiving or something because I really can’t think of anything else terrible. Maybe the fact that my office air is dry as fuck and it really dries my skin out? Not to the extent that it’s itchy or tight, but my foundation always looks a bit cakey and dry at the end of the day, whereas normally if I head out of the office, at the end of the day I’m always pleasantly dewy.

Best beauty related:

  1. Bimatoprost. Seriously don’t know why I took so damn long to start using this. This stuff is awesome and I will keep using it as long as I can get my hands on it. I’m actually bothering to wear mascara and eye makeup everyday because I’m so in love with my lashes.  My brows too. I used to almost never leave the house without drawing in my brows (okay, and undereye concealer) at the bare minimum, but now I can actually leave the house fully barefaced because my brows are awesome.
  2. Koh Gen Do Aqua foundation in 213: Firstly, this shit is GREEN. Super, super green. And somehow, despite it looking suuuuuper pale, it doesn’t look ashy/weird on my skin, maybe cos it finally matches my undertones. I do have to mix in a little bit of my darkening mixer, but just a touch, much less than I would have thought. And though I still love my Armani Lasting Silk for sheer perfection and pore erasing, this dries out my skin with prolonged wear less, and looks kinder on flaky spots that I occasionally have. I think of Koh Gen Do as my foundation for looking nice and put together for day. My Armani is for looking grown up and glam during night time. I still love both, and probably after my current dark mixer is used up I’ll go for Luminous Silk in 6 to get more of the Armani goodness with the kindness of the KGD.
  3. Life’s Entropy liquid illuminators: (Review here) I’ve had 2, the funky colour shifting ones, Nebula and Celestial. I’ve used one up (I can never remember which is which…) but both were absolutely mindblowingly beautiful. They last the whole day on my skin, and give a beautiful ethereal purple/pink sheen on my cheekbones. I feel like I’m in a science fiction/K Pop world. I’m nearing the end of my 2nd sample, and I only imagine that a full size would last just about forever. I wish they came in even more colours like green or blue or whatever.

Non beauty goals for 2017:

  1. Keep up the regular exercise schedule of minimum 2-3x a week, My current rule is if I get home before 8pm I definitely must run, before 9pm I should try to run unless I’m dead tired. This was due to the fact that I’ve been going home late very frequently for the past 3 months, and I foresee that not happening that much in the future, which means exercise 4-5x a week, hopefully. Anyway even if I don’t manage to exercise in the week, I always run and do strength building on both Saturdays and Sundays. I’m very happy with my progress, weight and fat loss, although sometimes I do eat a little too much on happy days. So I definitely want to keep this up.
  2. Make more friends and go out more. I’m pretty introverted (despite not seeming so) and I like to spend weekends alone at home, but I think I should develop my social life just a little bit more this year.

Beauty goals for 2017:

  1. Have 30 empties. This is difficult for me because I use up products very, very slowly and I generally try to squeeze every last bit out of every last product. I jacked up my goal a little because I do have a few sample sizes that would be easy to finish.
  2. Keep to a fun budget of $100/month. For Christmas I contributed a fair bit of department present giving and all, so it wasn’t too great for my wallet. For next year, all my meals out/movies/clothes/beauty buying shouldn’t exceed $100 a month. I don’t think I need to replace many staples next year, only mascara and face primer. The main things I’m interested in getting next year are skincare from The Ordinary (but I realized for Singapore, they mark up their prices significantly, so it’s far cheaper if you buy from Victoria Health, even with shipping factored in.) The Ordinary doesn’t have moisturizers, so I would still need to buy my moisturizers [affiliate] and cleansers [affiliate] from CosRX on Qoo10. Make up… only lusting after Besame, really. And possibly Life’s Entropy, especially if they re-release their eyebrow gel again.
  3. Solve my skin issues. I need to pick at my skin less, and I’ll be attacking it with retinoids and etc. If it doesn’t get better in 2017, I’ll find a dermatologist in 2018, but I hope I don’t have to.
  4. Drink loadssss of water. I have definitely improved since my younger days but definitely I’m still drinking way less than is good. Hope fully this helps my skin issues too.

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