Some quick personal thoughts on 2016

When I was around 15, there was once a lesson… which I totally can’t recall the name of, but it’s that one we always did ‘character building’ and learning values or what. We called it Civics in JC but I’m at a total loss as to what we called it in secondary school. Aaanyway, we were supposed to list down and rank some values that were the most important to us. After lots and lots of thought, I declared my most cherished value as ‘tranquility’, something I’ve always desired because I had very little of that in me.

A lot of people say 2016 was a crappy year for various reasons, but for me, my own little bubble has been in a turmoil since my teenage years, so the turmoil in the external world doesn’t matter all that much to me. Maybe like a self defense mechanism. I’ve definitely had some ups and downs, and the past few years haven’t been easy. This year, I suppose a lot of things became better, if only by a little, or maybe I’ve developed a bit more tranquility. I have a job I enjoy somewhat that is not too tedious, a lovely little girl, and less of a feeling of being alone in the world.

I look to 2017 as a year of hopefully finally settling some long standing issues I’ve had, and as a year of new beginnings, of healing wounds. The first half will still probably be tough and I sincerely hope it flies by as soon as possible but I look forward to making drastic improvements later in the year.

Over the 3 day weekend I’m also committed to not wearing make up, to give my skin a break and not hide all the hormonal acne scars and all. In 2018, if my skin is still as crappy, I would probably give up and see a dermatologist or something.

I’ve also been exercising at least 2-3x a week, running 3-4km and doing strength building, and I’ve been trying not to eat too much crap (not always successful…) I definitely want to continue this into 2017, if not there would be a few dresses on the smaller side I would no longer fit into 😉

So, in the last couple hours of the new year in my end of the world… I’m going running. I wish everyone a great year ahead, and don’t forget that change is the only constant and that we have to embrace it.


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