FOTD: Warm Tulip Eye and a pop

Finally, a new look from me! I have been doing quite a fair bit of make up lately but I just can’t be arsed to photograph it. I’m in a wing phase again, after going bare on the eyes for a pretty long time. It’s wing ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Green wing, navy wing, brown wing, black wing.

Anyway, this look is a warm rusty orange eye in a tulip placement, which is something I very rarely do, as you should know if you go through all my posts. I also added my Clio Gelpresso in Golden Black, soft black pencil liner with gold glitter, and Deep Sea Blue, a matte blue on the waterline. [Review here.]



Neither of the full face lighting situation is ideal, but ah well. First one is too cool, and 2nd one is wayyyy too warm.


I am also majorly in love with the actual presence of my lashes. DO YOU NOT SEE HOW LUSH MY LASHES ARE? I mean you can SEE THEM IN PHOTOS for once.

Secret to be revealed soon!


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