Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish Review: Wine Stock

I had a $20 Watsons gift card won in a lucky draw (which actually sucks… considering I could have gotten $30 NTUC vouchers for groceries, or $200 Takashimaya vouchers for buying almost any prestige brand of my choice… D: ) So I had to go spend it. Considering how crazily marked up most drugstore American brands are in Singapore, I really didn’t want to waste money on that. Can you believe that a Loreal Trumatch foundation is like $30 SGD?!?! [20 USD] WTF!

Anyway, I bought a Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish and Gel top coat set for $16.90, which is a pretty okay price to me. I don’t exactly need more nail polishes, but my top coat is running out (mainly because my lovely little person spilled it on my bed.)

I didn’t take a picture because I was too excited to rip it open, so have a stock picture:



Wine Stock is a deep, vampy wine red. Looks a little maroon in some lights. It reminds me very much of Besame Noir Red (review soon to come!) The formula is supposed to be like a gel, without needing a light to cure. Instead, you’re supposed to sun it for about 5 minutes.

I need about 2 coats, but due to the translucent gel nature of the polish, some bits could look a little patchy, so I patched it up with 3 coats. I applied this polish in an hour on Monday morning WHILE doing my make up, so you can imagine how I’m trying not to get half dried polish onto my face, and sunning it at the same time.


Here it is on the 2nd day. Lovely, lovely vampy colour. I don’t even mind the slight patchiness and variations in colour – makes it look a little sombre and interesting.

And the shine! It’s insane. So goddamn glossy.


Here it is on Day 4 I think. A tiny chip on my thumb (from fiddling with a zip on a too-tight dress), and no chips elsewhere, but some tip wear. My index finger IS INTACT. This has NEVER happened before. Especially not at this length of nails, which is insanely long by my usual standards. Usually by Wednesday I have a large chip in my index, and Thursday or Friday half of it is gone. I’m typing this on Saturday. I patched up the chip and the index tip wear on Friday morning and seriously this shit looks as good as new, I can definitely coax another few days and likely I’ll never get humongous chips.

I’ve actually read a negative review here. Her day 5 looks a little bit similar to my own day 5, but I NEVER get that from any other polishes. And for me, that day 5 result is pretty fucking fantastic. I am REALLY hard on my nails. I do housework, washing, loads of typing, even cashiering (getting change is REALLY hard on nails.) I honestly don’t care about the shine of top coat dulling or getting scratches because I totally expect it. My first day topcoat is not even perfect because I’m a fidgety little bastard.

Anyway, this formula to me is a game changer. I don’t need more polishes, but I’m definitely eyeing a lot of the other colours. After such tenacious wear on my nails, I’m totally spoilt. How can I go back, I ask? I’ll probably use up my older polishes in bolder colours on my toes, which don’t need to look perfect, and finish up some mini bottles so I can buy more of these. This gets a hearty recommend from me!


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