How to use things: tips I’ve only learnt recently

My mum is so not into beauty, so my whole life has been about what I’ve seen in magazines/internet and my own crazy experimenting. Some things I have never figured out, until now. Some of these might be duh-uh, but hope that someone out there finds it useful 🙂

  1. Siliconey hair serums

My husband had this siliconey hair serum that I felt always weighed down my hair and made it look so blah.and maybe even oily. Then one night I felt like I MUST make an effort in using the last bit up. I put it in damp hair, fresh from showering, and BAM, loveliest, fluffiest hair ever. Like seriously, damn my hair has been so freaking fluffy the last few days. I keep fluffing it up and I keep telling my colleagues ‘MY HAIR IS SO FLUFFY.’

If you live in a suuuuuper hot and humid place like I do and feel like serums and whatnot weigh your hair down and you feel greasy, try putting it in when its wet and see if it makes a difference!

2. How to cover up pimples at that gross flaky stage

I’m still dealing with hormonal acne around my period and the aftermath of said hormonal acne. It’s definitely better now but still, urgh. When I put foundation and concealer and try to hide it, frequently it looks worse after a long day after it starts to flake and look horribly dry and all. I mean, maybe there’s a magical concealer out there that stops that, but here’s what I do:

  1. Prep skin as usual, moisturize, sunscreen.
  2. Take some hardcore occlusive substance. I use Lanolin, but Vaseline probably works too. Dab it strategically in the problem spot and rub it in slightly
  3. Put primer over it. Quite important, so that the concealer has something to grab onto and fades slower.
  4. Apply foundation/concealer as usual.

Not only does this method ensure that there are no flaky spots, it also protects the spot and helps it to heal. For me personally, lanolin everywhere has been an amazing skin protectant. And I can also cover it up better. On the days I skip the lanolin, I definitely notice the difference, because the spot usually starts to flake by midday. If you skip the primer, the concealer tends to fade much faster. It’s a rather arduous process though.

3. How to curl your lashes easily for Asian eyes

Seriously, fucking splash some money on a good Japanese eyelash curler. I haven’t done this yet, but I will soon in a few months. My current curler is a generic western one, and though it gets the job done, I have to be pretty careful about not grabbing the wrong bit,s and my eye make up does rub off it sometimes.

Yesterday I was at the Surratt counter, and holy hell, their eyelash curler was MAGIC. But it also costs $50.  If you always thought that curling your lashes were a chore, try the Shiseido/Shu Uemura/Surratt (if you’re loaded). The famous Shiseido one is $20+ I think, and I will most definitely get that one soon.


Do you have any interesting tips that you just learnt recently?


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