Another attempt at Project Pan

I love project pans and not buying new beauty products thoughtlessly. But I love variety in my looks. And I find that if I force myself to finish up staples quickly just for the sake of a project pan, it’s pretty silly because I would probably have to repurchase it again. Take my beloved NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey. I’ve had it for like, a year and a bit, and I’m not too sure how much there is left but I’m starting to see some clearer patches in the tube. If I panned it, I would just have to buy a new one, or get another concealer than fit me as well as it. And it is EXPENSIVE! So no, I don’t want to use up my RCC just for the sake of a project pan. In fact, it’s silly to use up any staples, especially if you only have 1 such item in your collection.

But I do have some items that I want to commit to finishing up. These are NOT staples – I do use these occasionally, but I want to force myself to use them more. I will not be including any staples I use daily already, such as foundation, concealer, my setting powder, my eyebrow products.

Sorry for the blurry photo….

Life’s Entropy Liquid Illuminator in Nebula

This is very pretty, easy to use, unique and lasts long. This is slightly more subtle than the other illuminator I had, but I think I really only need 1 weird colour illuminator (and the weird highlighter of my choice is Colourpop Monster for now.) Because you need so little, I foresee this sample to last me at least another month. I may or may not buy more Life’s Entropy highlighters – they are very pretty, and have a great formula, but I don’t think that I need so many highlighters…


NYX Wonder Pencil in 01 Light

This is like a nude pencil, except that it’s QUITE a bit lighter than me, and it’s pretty pink, so it comes out VERY ashy on my skin. I’ve tried using it before lots of ways – to highlight my cupid bow (works, but I don’t do it everyday) to highlight browbone (a little too ashy) and to line waterline (a bit too white.) I will definitely want to find ways to use it up, but god knows how long it will take me. Will probably line my waterlines everyday to see if I like the look. You can see that this looks nearly new, lol.


Maybelline Colossal Kajal

This is a colossal smudgefest, which I can’t really blame the pencil for because it is a kajal after all. Today I tested out some looks and I found that using black shadow for a 1 colour smokey eye was very sultry and simple and not too dramatic, so this can probably work well under the black shadow for those looks. Will probably wear that kind of look on Fridays or Saturdays.


Silky Girl Funky Eye Lights in Ever Green

This pencil is officially 4 years old! It’s still as creamy as ever, and still pretty tenacious, although it does smudge just a little after a long day. It’s a pretty colour but frankly I don’t wear jewelled green tones very often. I do love this formula VERY much, but very sadly Silkygirl’s colour selection leaves much to be desired. If they made a standard black in this formula, I’ll definitely buy it, and if they made nuanced, elegant col0urs, I would buy it too, but…. eh D: This pencil has been sharpened a few times but you can see there is a LOT left.


Maybelline Master Sculpt in Light/Medium

Reviewed this product here. I’ve come to appreciate bronzers (although this is called a contour, it’s warm and kind of shimmery, so I call it a bronzer.) It’s also a nice subtle blush. Since it’s very subtle, I predict that I will have to build it up a fair bit, which will make me finish it faster. I do like my Alcina bronzer more, because it’s far higher in quality, so I want to use this Maybelline one up.


NYX Cream blush in Natural

I panned this before (and my pan was far bigger than in that post!), but I melted this down again to make it smooth. Plus, the casing broke. It still has about half left. I do enjoy this formula and colour very much, but this is pretty old, so I feel that I have to use it up. I would love to repurchase another NYX cream blush, but I have quite a few blushes 😦


Colourpop Eyeshadow in Girl Crush

Girl Crush is called a true gray, which reads as a total purple on me. It’s drying up, but if I apply a lot of force I can still use it. I actually really like it as eyeliner, surprisingly – it’s subtle and pastel, very 60s, and very pretty. This shadow has also apparently been discontinued!


Dior Addict Lipstick (unknown colour) 

This lipstick has a funny story to it. I used to have 2 Dior lipsticks – one the normal Addict, one the Addict Extreme. I far preferred the Addict Extreme, which was a beautiful rosey shade called Avenue. I accidentally switched the caps for the 2 lipsticks one day, so this sheer corally pink has the Avenue cap, and then I lost Avenue. :B So I have no idea what this lipstick actually is, and anyway the original Addicts have been discontinued. This is a moisturizing lipstick, and the colour is pretty I guess, but it has glitter in it that’s kinda gritty and annoying. Since it’s a easy warm colour to wear and very comfortable, I’ve already used close to half, and you can see there is not that much left. I would love to downsize my lipstick collection and use this up.


Seventeen Soft Touch BB Foundation Powder:

Originally reviewed here. My compact broke a long time ago and I have depotted this pan. I’ve already hit major pan on it but I would like to use it all up because I have way too many powders considering I don’t even powder my face that much. I find that this looks cakey dusted as a finishing powder, but works great as a powder foundation, which means that I actually need to wear it as foundation, which I haven’t been doing much lately.


The problem I have with most project pans is that my items don’t quite go together in one look. For the items I’ve chosen this time, they form 2 looks relatively cohesive looks:

Warm Look:


Maybelline Master sculpt (and the relatively golden highlight shade can work too), NYX wonder pencil for the upper lashline and waterline. The powder foundation is ever so slightly too pink and light for me, so the bronzer definitely helps.

Cool look:


NYX Natural, Life’s Entropy Illuminator, Girl Crush on eyes, the Ever Green pencil as another option. The lipstick is Ellis Faas Hot Lips Rose Violet. I hate the applicator, love the colour and am ambivalent about the formula. It also doesn’t have all that much, so I’m trying to finish it up but not actively panning it because I do like to switch up my lip colours.

Colossal Kajal doesn’t fit in anywhere because it’s a smudgey mess that will just smudge up the whole look, but I’ll figure something out.

What do you think of my new attempt at a cohesive project pan? Do you think that I’ll be successful?


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