Review: Make Up Revolution Newtrals vs Neutrals Palette Review with 3 looks!

So, finally the review on the MUR Newtrals VS Neutrals Palette is here!


It has a total of 16 shadows inside a compact, sleek black case with a hugeass mirror. A+ for packaging and functionality.

It is supposedly a dupe for Lime Crime’s Venus palette. You can google for comparison swatches, but here is a nice comparison I’ve found:


As you can see they’re pretty similar! This is a swatch of only the top row of Newtrals vs Neutrals. The happy thing is the the bottom row is….


A total dupe for the Naked 3! Okay, I don’t own the Naked 3, but you can see that the rosey tones are definitely a call to Naked 3 style palettes.

With this palette being a dupe for TWO different famous palettes, WHO WOULDN’T WANT IT?


First up, swatches. These are all the 16 colours. Left is the bottom set, and right is the top set. Done on my arm with primer.


The Venus dupe. There is literally not a single shade that is bad. The darkest shade, a brown, is a little on the dusty side, but nothing too horrible. The 3rd colour from the left, a peachy pink, is a little sheer, but can be built up.



And the same photo as above with the Naked 3 dupe set. The darkest shade is again, a little crumbly and dusty, but it’s alright to work with. I looooooove the matte rosey taupe colour (5th from left.)


In the interest of doing a very thorough review, I did THREE looks with this palette: You can reference back to the top picture for what shades I used (numbered.)



I do have a fondness for very warm eye looks. This was created with 9 as a base, 3 as the main lid colour with a touch of 12, 5 in the crease blended out with with some 2, and some 6 on the lower lashline. 8 to line the lashline. Lots of orange all around.

20160821_174323.jpgIt looks a bit dramatic here, but it’s not that dramatic IRL. I wouldn’t wear this to work, but I would wear this out anyday.

PS. beautiful shimmery peach lip colour by Life’s Entropy, in Ester.


Look 2: Subtle red eyeshadow. 

THIS is how you wear red eyeshadow to work.


Far less dramatic than the first one, and much pinker compared to the orange of the first look. I used mainly 11 as an all over lid colour, with 7 used at the outer corners, making sure not to bring it above the crease of my eyelid, and to lightly shade the lower lashline. I used 13 to shade my crease and 1 to highlight my browbone. Quite a simple look, and one that I would wear to the office. Make sure to confine everything to your mobile line and it will look normal.


Look 3: Naked 3 Halo Eye

For this look, I confined myself to using the Naked 3 portion of the palette. And since I haven’t done a halo style eye in forever, so I made myself do it. Halo eyes tend to end up rather dramatic.

I used mainly 15 in the outer and inner corner and used 14 to make a gradient. The centre of the eyelid is 11, topped with a good bit of 10. I used 13 to shade my crease. 11 also ended up on the lower lashline.


There is very little fallout from the palette despite all the shimmery shades, but do note that I tend to use a light hand. I have worn a look using this palette for a work day, and they lasted a good while although they did crease a little (most things do after 12 hours.) They are blendable and can be worn opaque or sheered out if you have a light touch like me. You can get a lot of looks purely from this palette, from warm to cool toned, avant garde to wearable. Overall, a fantastic palette with unusual shades, duping 2 popular palettes to boot, with a price tag of 7 GBP. Wholeheartedly recommend!


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