Skincare Review: Laneige Water Science Mist Sparkling Water (Brightening)

Talk about loooongass product names.


This was something that I actually received as a freebie from a fashion event that was sponsored by Laneige. I’m always happy to receive free shit to test out!

This is a face mist-type product, which means its not something that I have lots of experience with. The ingredients list is here, but obviously it is made out of mainly water and little else. And ‘Sparkling’ water obviously refers to carbonated water, although personally I have no idea if the carbon dioxide does anything.

The pump that comes with this bottle is FABULOUS. The mist is even and very fine and sprays over a good area. I will definitely be reusing the bottle.

There is a very definitive smell about this: it smells exactly like plain soda water, probably thanks to the carbon dioxide. I do like soda water, but frankly I feel that there’s not much difference from spraying soda water in a nice pretty bottle. It’s quite refreshing of course, and cooling, and perhaps just a little bit soothing, and of course it’s good to have more water on your skin to seal in with humectants and occlusives and such.

The price is really something to balk at though. I can’t confirm it, but it’s $54 at the Laneige boutique? Whatthefuck? You can apparently get it at Qoo10 for $29.50 plus shipping, and it does last quite a while, but it’s still by no means cheap.

I have been using this for maybe 2 months I think? Close to every morning and night, and I’m very generous with it, spraying maybe 3-4 times every time I use it. And so far, it’s about 1/8 gone. So it will lasts quite a while, I’m predicting a year, at least.

Still, I feel that it’s a bit too expensive for a novelty item that probably doesn’t do that much in your routine. After it’s gone, I would probably idk, make my own aloe/rose infused water or something and put into the bottle!


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