Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation #52 Vanilla Review and Comparison

I didn’t buy anything at all in August, and it was driving me a little crazy, so I got a bottle of the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation that I always wanted to try for quite a decent price. Hey, it satisfies my urge to buy  without breaking the bank!

I got it in the colour #52 – Vanilla, which is supposedly the Olive leaning shade and around NC20 in depth. It’s a thick consistency, definitely not watery. The pump is nice to control, and I can pump out a quarter pump or so easily. It smells SUPER strong – like crisp apple, citrusy and slightly floral and green, but it’s SO. STRONG.

First off, here is my bare face:


My skin is better lately, but I have some scarring on my chin.



One relatively thick layer immediately after application. Notice the chalkiness. To be fair, my Armani foundation does the same. It does have decent medium coverage – everything is evened out quite a bit and it will hide minor scars.

My first critique – It can be streaky. I always apply my foundation with the Real Techniques buffing brush, and it works beautifully with my Armani foundation, but the Bourjois Healthy Mix tends to be a little streaky with it. I have to go over areas quite a few times. It also tends to pool around the nostrils, more so than the Armani, so I have to use my fingers to even things out.

It also pools into pores a little bit. I’ve been spoilt by Armani which never does such things, but I recognize that many normal foundations may have such issues. It’s made slightly better with a primer underneath.



Here it is after about 15 minutes? With brows and undereye concealer but no other produt on the rest of the face. (This is higher coverage and more product than I usually go for, for purposes of testing. My couple of scars on my chin are showing through, but honestly I don’t bother too much about concealing everything to perfection.)

It’s settled down a bit and looks much better colour-wise. Note that it’s starting to look a little dry, on everywhere except the nose. It’s not too kind to any kind of facial texture too – Note that the tiny little milia bumps I have under my eyes have been magnified to some degree ( you can hardly see them in the bare face photo.)

That’s actually a very big critique I have of this foundation. I am a big proponent of streamlining routines, so with my Armani foundation, and even my powder foundations, my morning routine consists of washing my face with water, then sunblock. Literally 0 steps, because my HG sunblock is moisturizing enough for my needs. But when I try to do that with the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, it looks dry as fuck. And slightly cakey. Like, my skin is by no means dry. It’s normal, leaning a little on the oily side. But it looks nearly matte with my usual skin prep. It does soften up a bit with after about an hour when some natural oils of your skin mix with the foundation, and it looks less dry and more skinlike.

I did another round of testing on the next day, layering a good it of moisturizers under the sunblock. That seemed to do the trick and it didn’t look so dry anymore.



The colour match is acceptable, although not perfect. You can see the difference between my face and my neck – it’s peachier and slightly darker. But WHY is it peachier? Am I so goddamn green that even a supposedly olive foundation is pink on me? I don’t mind the slightly darker, but the pinker is not so good. Then again, I mix the Armani Lasting Silk every day, so considering everything, a decent-but-not-perfect match straight out of the bottle is okay for me. I stayed over somewhere last night and it was nice to you know, take just ONE bottle of foundation.



This is it after about 8 hours of wear, after a long walk around the park in the sun with my little girl. Considering everything, it has stayed on pretty well. It doesn’t look horrible, and it’s not breaking up too much, and there’s still coverage. I’m relatively impressed. (The pinkness of it compared to my neck really comes through here though.)

I have not used a drugstore foundation for a long, long, long time. Like, I had a main foundation before my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua  that I was using for the longest time, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. (Checked through my very first few posts – it was Korean BB creams :P) Okay, so that means that for years and years, I was not using any kind of standard ‘Western’ drugstore foundation, so I have totally forgotten what they are like. And Armani Lasting Silk is amazing in nearly every way except colour match, so I’ve been totally spoilt.

Overall, I would say that this is probably quite a nice drugstore foundation. It’s priced higher than most drugstore foundations in our drugstores, around $29, but you can likely get it around $20 or less on Carousell (I got mine for $14.) For $14, it’s quite a nice foundation. I mean, my Armani Lasting silk is $87, maybe with a 7% discount if you buy it from Duty Free at the airport. So considering it’s about 1/3 to 1/4 of the price, it’s a pretty decent foundation. It doesn’t impress me very much compared to Armani Lasting Silk, but it’s a good drugstore option.


  • Long wearing
  • Looks really nice texture-wise after an hour
  • Decent shade match right out of the bottle


  • Looks terrible colour-wise upon first application
  • Looks terrible texture-wise upon first application – make sure to moisturize! A lot!
  • Easily streaks – need to really blend it out carefully. Also pools into pores
  • Smells nice, but so damn strong.

I’m on the fence about keeping this. I bought this because I was searching for a better shade match – and it’s not super great.


If I do get rid of it, I would get the Koh Gen Do Aqua, which is seriously green.


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