Using Solid Scents update!

Remember the Geek Chic The Pie Hole collection I blogged about awhile back? I’ve kinda put them aside for awhile, but recently I started using them again, and I have some thoughts!

Remember, I’m not used to solid/oil scents. My perfume experiences have usually been with mainstream EDP/EDTs. My go-to scent is Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb if I want a scent that I know smells good, lasts awhile and goes with any occasion and clothing. These gourmand scents are not the usual ones I use either.

The first day, I used Itty Bitty, which is a pumpkin pie kind of scent, with a lot of creaminess and a touch of spice to it. When I put it on (rather liberally) I was like WOAH, I smell like I’ve been baking since 5am (since I go to work at 8.30. I could smell it on myself all the way till after lunch, which is pretty decent. If I really wanted the smell to stay on I may have had to reapply a little bit after lunch, but the wear time is surprisingly good for something that looked so dubious.

The next day I used Darling Mermaid Darlings, described as a Coconut Key Lime pie. it smells more refreshing to me than coconutty, and it’s one of the stronger scents in the line. I applied it quite liberally, and because I liked it so much, I reapplied it after lunch. And as I was washing up after lunch, a colleague of mine commented ‘what’s that coconut smell?’ and I said nothing. I guess it’s not bad to smell like coconut? 😀 This one definitely smells like a pie version of the citrus/florals I usually wear, so it’s a good bridge.

Overall I’ve been pretty impressed by the wear and throw of these scents! I’ve always kind of doubted solid scents but I guess I’m proven wrong. They’re super easy to tote around and reapply too if necessary. There are some that I wouldn’t wear because they don’t smell good, or don’t smell good on me. Forensic Fairy Tale, for one, and Knitwit PI makes me smell like I baked brownies in an tyre shop or something. Overall though, I totally love them.

This series has been discontinued, but you can still buy other solid scents at Geek Chic Cosmetics. I don’t have any experience with non-foody scents from them though!


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