Cheap and Good: Daiso Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Pack


Daiso, the famous 100yen/SGD2/whatever local currency, is a haven for well, everything. You can get anything from utensils to gardening products and accessories and clothes. There’s also a rather large selection of skincare and makeup. There’s a really cute post where this blogger bought a whole range of their make up. They actually had some decent stuff in there.

I uncovered this Daiso Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Pack in some random corner of my house. It’s manufactured in 2013, so I guess I’m really YOLO about this whole thing, but it hasn’t broken me out or anything so we’re all good.


The ingredient list is not very spectacular, as expected with a $2 product. Ethanol is quite high on the list, and the mask does smell a little like alcohol, but I don’t find it drying or irritating. At least it has quite a fair amount of Hyaluronic acid, and hydrolyzed collagen, which is good for moisturization and plumping of the skin. I find that it does help to hydrate my skin and make it bouncier.

It’s a transparent gel kind of product, but it feels a little bit stiff and not like a watery gel, probably due to the lots of carbomer. It’s easy to spread though and feels cooling on the skin. It remains a little sticky, but does dry down eventually after around 15-20 minutes. I usually use a fairly large amount because it’s so cheap anyway. As I spread this, I do feel it getting more and more watery – perhaps it is drawing water from the air, as I have experienced with humectant heavy products, so it does work.

I find that this is a decent product from Daiso – it doesn’t work miracles, but if you’re not sensitive to ethanol, and you desperately need a moisturizing product at the last minute, this is a good and cheap option. I will definitely be using this up, even if I may not necessarily buy more in the future.


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