Personal update

I’ve been a little overwhelmed with real life recently. Our family took over this canteen/restaurant thats open Monday to Saturday. My mum is down there Monday to Friday (since she isn’t working otherwise) and I’m there on Saturdays. Plus, I’m still teaching my tuition student, who has his exams in September or October, which reduces fun make up wearing time to like, zero.

(Our stall is at Tanjong Pagar MRT in the Central Business District, B1 (the same level as the 7-11 when you’re exiting.) It sells fish soup beehoon and like, salmon set and saba set and sambal seafood sets. It’s pretty tasty and do come and visit if you are in Singapore! It’s crazy busy during lunchtimes, so I’ll suggest coming outside of lunchtimes. Saturdays open 6am-6pm and I’m there like the whole day, which explains the no make up 😦

I’m still trying to do reviews and stuff but it’s just no fun when you have to wash off make up straight away or something. So it will be natural makeup from me for awhile. I will still try to find things to post, and I definitely hope I will have some things to post about. Just putting it out there so everyone knows!


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