Singles Cruise Take #2 – Another shitload of colour

Seriously. I am both liking and hating it – I finally get to know my colourful shadows a little more intimately, but they’re not exactly super wearable.

Lookit all da matte pastels…

Light: Matte White

Mid: Bronze. As in literally the colour of a bronze medal. From Sleek’s 2012 London Olympics inspired palette.

Dark: a cube from The Body Shop quad called Mint Slice. It’s a gorgeous deep green that’s kind of minty, like mint sauce (but a lot darker.)

Pop: Matte pastelly bright blue



Here are the swatches. The white isn’t so good, obviously. The blue is actually pretty creamy and reasonably pigmented. The bronze shimmer is nice, of course. The green is kinda sheer and sheers out way too easily.

Here’s the look! Very um, tropical. Peacocky. You know. Sorry my skin is absolute shit lately. :((((

I used NYX Milk as a base to make the pastels pop. I used white in the inner corner, the blue on the lid and the green on the outer corner. The bronze went on the lower lashline and also in the crease. I tightlined with a black shadow too. The green really annoyed me because it’s SO difficult to work with. Hrrrrrrrmph.

It’s a look that I definitely wont’ do normally, but I think it turned out ok overall. Of course, that’s what makes thhe singles cruise fun!

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