Singles Cruise Challenge!

I love the Singles Cruise challenge by Emily Noel. Check out her video here!

It’s a fabulous way to use your singles that you may rarely reach for because it sucks to open the packaging of a billion different eyeshadows. Or even just 3 or 4. Or even 1 to add as an accent. I know, I know.

She categorized each shadow into light, midtoned, dark, and pop. That system works well for me, so I copied it. Because I have a ton of ‘singles’ from depotting ALL my Sleek palettes, and I only have a few actual single singles, I did a nifty spreadsheet. I had to name all the depotted shadows with a number in a particular arrangement, so that I could remember what number each corresponds to. I have more than these, but the rest are actual singles. Click on the picture to see more! I use a random number generator to pick what single to use.

If you notice, I included some colours in my lights, mids and darks. They’re not like, all browns or something. Anything that was relatively muted, that I would wear to work, counted in their respective category. Anything too bright went to the pop category.

This makes sure that my looks won’t all be like, neutral with 1 colour. It’s all random and I may get a crapton of colours to work with, who knows! 😀

I will post looks from this challenge now and then – I will only be doing this in the weekends because it takes too much time in the weekdays (and who knows if the looks are work appropriate). Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Singles Cruise Challenge!

  1. magalys

    I DEFINITELY want to give this idea a try. I don’t actually have that many singles but Emily recently posted a video where she did it with eyeshadoow trios/quads. That might be more doable for me.


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