Week One and Done Friday: Giorgio Armani Sweet Fire

Last day of my Week One and Done! I loooooooove the Giorgio Armani eyes to kill shadow pots. They’re gorgeous little pots of beautiful goodness. The L’oreal Infallible shadows are supposed dupes (never tried them) and both are made by the same parent company, but what the L’oreals lack, I think, is the complexity of colour that makes the ETKs so attractive. I wouldn’t buy them at retail price, but I definitely snap them up when I see them destashed.

The problem with them is that most of them are very metallic and opaque – not really my everyday style. And they come in very saturated colours, which make them harder to use in looks as compared to like, muted shadows.

This is actually the ETK I’ve acquired the most recently, and my favourite (or maybe second favourite – a lot of them are gorgeous!) This happens to be a semi-neutral, making it probably the most wearable shade out of all the ETKs (excluding the highlight colours.) Also, I fucking love red eyeshadow, and this pink has a hefty dose of red to it. [I used to have its more daring counterpart, Lust Red, but I lost it somehow before I had even used it. Grrrrrrr.)

Quick pic from my instagram – apart from the inner corner highlight and the liner, everything else is just Sweet Fire.

This is a shadow that’s not as easily one and done as the others, due to its intensity – it is INTENSE. I have to be careful not to go too far above my lid, and blend it out, because it really is BLING. All metallic bling bling. And super saturated. Work safe, if you are careful. It’s not as red as Fiery Red, which makes it prettier and less avant garde. I love it!





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