Week One and Done Thursday: Kiko Supreme Cream Shadow


Another day, another reminder of how the swatches of the products look like. Kiko Supreme shadow in 03 is the 2nd from the left. It’s a muted grey-olive with gold shimmer.

It’s a cream shadow and has an interesting bouncy mousse texture, like the Dior Fusion monos or Chanel Illusion D’Ombres. It was a limited edition collection for Christmas some years back. Although mine has shrunk significantly, it’s still super creamy and easy to wear and blend, and still lasts a good while.

This is another shadow that’s pretty neutral, so nothing much to say here. What I like about it is its versatility – built up, it can be pretty dark actually, but the base is rather sheer so it can also be sheered out to a light veil of colour with gold shimmer.

It’s rather cool toned, but I find that it looks best with a warm corally blush instead.

I like this shadow – it’s neutral enough to go with everything, easy to apply and blend with fingers on the go, and wears decently even without primer (although primer definitely helps.)



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