Week One and Done Monday: Life’s Entropy Dismember

Dismember is from Life’s Entropy, an adorable little indie cosmetics shop that I’ve mentioned about a billion times.

Dismember is from their DotA collection, one of the first few collections to come out. While I heard that her old shadow formulations were a little lackluster and the new ones are far better, I have no complaints about Dismember 🙂

Dismember smack in the middle!

Dismember looks like a dirty beige when swatched on my hand. Like literally dirty. If you tilt it a little though you see a beautiful shift of what the website describes as red, but is more a pinky red, with an emphasis on the pink. The glow is rather subtle, so overall the shadow still looks pretty matte.


Matte….. (pardon the blurriness, this was the best one I got :()


See da GLOW! (I am having a shitty skin week 😦 )

It’s also very easy to work with for a loose shadow – the above was done with normal eye primer, and then Dismember patted on with a short, flat and dense brush (no swiping.) I used the same short stiff brush to stamp eyeshadow onto my lower lids to give me a slightly-sickly glow that I LOOOOOVE. The edges were blended out a little with a blending brush – no wizardry needed, it was not hard to diffuse the edges sufficiently.

Overall, I love this eyeshadow as a one and done look – the dirty beige and red glow makes a very complex shadow that makes you look unearthly and slightly dead, a look I absolutely cherish. If you are looking for a reddish shadow that passes muster in a conservative workplace, definitely get this. It’s so sneaky.

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