Week One and Done

I am naming this week One and Done, because I plan to use just ONE eyeshadow per day, for a work week (5 days.)

I love eyeshadows that are interesting and just a little complex, enough for it to be a one and done look. It’s also super easy in the morning, no need to worry about matching undertones and blending and nonsense.

Rules of this week:

  1. ONE eyeshadow a day only.
  2. If I need a bit of liner, it’s allowed. I’ve only allowed myself to use brown liner, and as thin a line as possible.
  3. If I need to blend out the edges, I’m allowed to use a super boring cream-coloured shadow that I use only for this purpose. I WON’T put anything in the crease or the outer V or anything, this is just to soften any potentially problematic edges.



Here are my one-and-done shadows:

Clockwise from bottom: Kiko long lasting stick eyeshadow in 38 Golden Taupe, The Body Shop Shimmer Cube (it comes in a quad, but I REALLY like this particular one, which is called Fiery Red.) Life’s Entropy Eyeshadow in Dismember, Kiko Supreme Eyeshadow (LE) in 03, and Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill in 7 Sweet Fire.



Swatches! L-R: Kiko Golden Taupe, Kiko Supreme eyeshadow, Life’s Entropy Dismember, The Body Shop Fiery Red, Giorgio Armani Sweet Fire. All swatched on bare skin except Dismember, over primer.

Generalizing, I would say that good one and done eyeshadows are midtoned colours, so they look good all over. They also tend to have some kind of shimmer, because all matte is kind of boring and flat. I tend to like one and done shadows in interesting colours – none of your standard brown brown brown.

Kiko Golden Taupe is the most traditional in my selection, but I like the golden tone of it. Kiko 03 is a dark olive brightened with gold shimmer. Dismember is SUPER interesting – the base colour is beigey, but the red shimmer and gleam is beautiful. Fiery Red is not a red at all – it’s a burnt corally kind of colour. I think the base is orange but it has pink shimmer, which also makes it super complex. Sweet Fire looks terrible in the photo, but it’s a super gorgeous pink that’s as frosty as it looks here, with red sparks. I think the conclusion I can draw is that I REALLY LIKE RED EYESHADOW, lol.

Anyway, tune in over the next week to see how these shadows look all over my lid.

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