FOTD: Super Simple Summertime

Today is Saturday, which means I’m just pottering about the house and maybe going to the playground with my toddler or something.

I’ve slathered on immense amounts of sunblock. My favourite sunblock gives a nice sheen on skin – not dewy per se, but not satin as well. My skin is also ok, so I didn’t even go with a base.


Concealer, brows, Revlon Matte Balm Audacious as blush. It’s terrible as a lip colour, but fabulous as a blush. A touch of sheer shimmery peach on the lips. Super simple, quick, and effortlessly pretty (and protects against the sun! The blush is actually pretty strong IRL, but it looks very much toned down in the photo.

Shown here swatched and blended.

On a side note, my aunt gave me a few maxi dresses. I have exactly none, and the material of these maxis are very airy and comfortable. They come in funky prints, like the one pictured here. Perfect for lazy Saturdays!


Found a cute pastel creamsicle and yellow scarf, so I went with a retroesque headband!

Conclusion: in hot weather, blush is your best friend for fuss free, easy application and non-meltiness!

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