Easy Nail design for the Hands on Girl

By which I mean girls who are very ungraceful with their hands – jamming their fingernails to pry things open, washing dishes often, scraping stuff with their nails, etc. Basically people like me who put a lot of wear into their nails.

I have tiny hands and fingers, and my nails are short as well. Although I love the idea and look of long nails, in practice I always hack them off after a short while. Right now, I’m trying out keeping my thumbnails longer, but I simply can’t stand keeping the nails on the rest of my fingers any longer.

Anyway, because of the extreme wear I put on my nails, and I do my nails once a week usually, I do either of these with mani:

  1. To use wear resistant polish.
  2. To do my nails in a style that doesn’t show tip wear.

As long-wearing nail polish either tends to be expensive or damned hard to remove, I have mostly been experimenting with the latter. 😛

Here is a very simple nail art (I can’t really call it art… it’s not art.) that I did for my mani currently.


(After about 3 days of wear. There’s a fair amount of tip wear but you can hardly tell!)

Basically, it’s a base polish, with glitter tips/top halves. You can do this with any colours, really, but the key is to pick a tip glitter that is nude-ish. You can see that I picked champagne.

Nude colours don’t show tip wear as much as dark colours. So the rule of thumb is basically to make sure your tips are a nude/light colour. Plus, shimmers/glitters tend to wear better than normal polishes too.

You can either do a gradient/glitter tip like I did here, or do an updated French mani-style, with a nude shimmer/glitter at the tip rather than white. Or, if only certain fingers like the index and thumbs get more wear, you can just do the tips on those fingers

This method lets you wear higher maintenance colours like brights or darks, with less upkeep!

Do you find this tip useful? Would you do your nails like this?




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