Monthly Make up Report: June

In June, I was bit by the shopping bug hard. I coveted lots of things 😦

At the start of the month I had a seriously hectic few weeks. It was pretty tough and I wore very little make up around those few weeks, mainly concealer and brows and fullstop. After that, my skin became seriously shitty for another week, which meant that I avoided makeup (and foundation especially) again, and just contended myself with undereye concealer, spot concealing and brows. This made for a very fast but infinitely boring morning routine, but then again I had very little energy to devote to morning routines.

I finally bit the bullet on Make Up Revolution. My childhood friend, who was studying in the UK for the past 3 years, is coming back for good in July, so he’s going to be bringing my order back for me. I only ordered 2 things for myself: The Newtrals vs Neutrals palette that I’ve been lemming for months, and the Peachy Keen Blushing Heart. (I did buy other stuff to resell – will let you know how that turns out :P) I would just have ordered the Newtrals vs Neutrals from a local reseller at a small markup, but it’s TOTALLY UNAVAILABLE.

[Side note: I bought just a few days before the Brexit. Was so pissed, I could have saved $4 more lol]

Wishlist this month:

1) Still thinking wistfully about NARS Dragon Girl. But I’ve been enjoying a few other red lipsticks so I’ll wait.

2) Besame 1915 Blush: Besame recently released a new blush line, with 4 shades of blush. As with all things Besame, I immediately coveted them. (Okay, I don’t covet the mascaras because my lashes need proper help.) They’re rather expensive at 25 USD. My favourite is the purple one, Raspberry.

4) Holy Snails Skincare [TRIGGER WARNING: GIANT PICTURE OF SNAIL. Snails are my phobia. I really fear looking at the shop front page. I don’t know if anyone else suffers from severe snail phobia, but I WARNED YOU.): Thanks to my shitty skin, I’ve been reading up more on skincare recently as well. I really hate crappy skin, which makes me really thankful for my normally great skin. Anyway, this is a really lovely (apart from the snail) Indie skincare shop, which really focuses on ingredients and efficacy. If you read her ingredient lists, there’s nothing extraneous, and everything is known to have beneficial skincare effects. It’s fairly pricey though, and with International shipping, I would probably get the sampler set first (which even then would set me back like $44 SGD D:

5) CosRX Skincare [affliate links]: My routine already has a fair number of CosRX products, but they’re really good, cheap and effective, which is totally my jam. I would like to try the AHA (because my bottle of AHA has made a baffling disappearance) and refill up on my BHA, which is a staple, as well as try out the Honey and Rice moisturizers. Unfortunately I still have a crapton of mosturizer currently, so I don’t know when I will be putting in this order. The total order is around 50+ SGD, but considering I last put in an order for CosRX stuff like 1.5 years ago, that’s very value for money.

Bought this month:

  • I rebought my favourite polish that I lost: Revlon Wintermint. I still absolutely love this, it’s my favourite mint green. I bought it off someone destashing their polishes, so I got like 7 bottles for $10. [That’s $7.50USD] I don’t have a very large polish collection and I paint my nails weekly, so I’mm fine with acquiring cheap polishes (the colours of which I like.)
  • Also the MUR order, but my friend isn’t coming back until mid July. I don’t mind waiting 😀 Hopefully after reselling everything my actual cost is $0.


Another good month for empties. I’m blowing through old skincare at a phenomenal pace, but not making much progress on make up 😦



Etude House Aloe Soothing Relief sheet mask. This was decent, I like it and there was a crapton of essence inside. I didn’t feel like it did a lot for my skin though, hydration or otherwise. I’m not sure who gifted me this either, but I probably would not repurchase when there are better masks out there.

I.Skin Focus Omega 3 and collagen Firming sheet mask: Some random pack that I as a GWP from Bonjour in HK. It’s surprisingly nice – my skin looked fab today, less dull and my darker spots from healing blemishes looked less obvious. And it came with a crap ton of essence – I depotted it as per my very old tutorial.

Paula’s Choice Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer: I liked this moisturizer’s texture. It was hydrating and sank in really quick. It’s a tad expensive, and I’ve found better options, so I won’t be repurchasing this, but it’s a nice product.

Daylong Kids SPF50 Sunscreen: I stopped using it on my face recently because I thought it was maybe breaking me out. But seriously holy shit this is so goddamn greasy. What they say about it beingn a lotion and whatever is a LIE. I was leaving white marks everywhere. But it is pretty water resistant. I really dislike it it now. I have another sample tube that I’ll be using up on my body.

Vaseline Healthy White SPF 30 Serum: I used this as a body sunscreen. It didn’t sink in very fast and felt kinda greasy, especially in humid weather, but it’s a decent price (around $12? for 180ml.) If you’re not like, going to the beach or something, it works okay as a body sunscreen. I usually apply it if I have to leave the office when the sun is up or something. Might repurchase when I run out of body sunscreen.

Dr Rimpler SPF Sun Stick SPF30: previously mentioned in my lip balm round up post. I dug out the stuff at the base and mixed it up in my lip balm pot. There was SO MUCH. This was quite a soft and oily lip balm, what I imagine Fresh lip balms to be like (though I have never tried them.) It’s much thinner consistency than I like in a lip balm. I blew through it pretty fast. Only available in Hongkong, and it was very expensive, won’t be repurchasing for the price.

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Anti-pespirant: This was a fabulous antipespirant. It dries super fast, doesn’t leave any stains, smells very mild, and works damned well. I’m sad to see it go, but I’ve been using it for like 2 years. It’s probably freaking expensive, so I won’t be repurchasing, but it is totally fab.

Gatsby powdered oil blotters: I can’t decide if I like the normal ones or these powdered ones better. I’m frankly surprised I used this up because I need to blot my face like, once every few weeks. Works decently enough.

The Face Shop Su Hyang Snow boosting toner: Mentioned previously in my routine here. It’s FINALLY GONE! The bottle is heavy as fuck, so I was so shocked when I tried to pour it out one day and it was gone. I swear the bottle was still 1/4 full. IT’s a very pretty bottle, so I may repurpose it for something (IDK what.) It worked fine, nothing very special, but smelt and felt nice and seemed to soften my skin a little. It has been DCed, so I can’t repurchase, but I don’t feel like I need a toner.

Also one bottle of eyedrops – I use this to keep my brow stuff usable.


Life’s Entropy Liquid Illuminators in Celestial, sample: This lasted an ungoldly long amount of time. It was a beautiful, unusual pink and yet flattering and understated. I used this ALL THE TIME when my skin sucked and whatever, because just a bit of highlight made me feel happy, and didn’t take up too much time. I MAY repurchase, but this is highly qualified as I have enough highlighter for probably the rest of my life, but it is indeed a wonderful product that lasts the whole damn day on my cheekbones, and this sample took forever to use.


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