The Highlighter challenge!

It is the age of the highlighter, and frankly I am sick of seeing highlighters like EVERYWHERE. I mean there are only so many pretty highlighters you can see before you get bored. We are reaching peak highlight.

Thus an semi satirical video was born. I don’t really like the channel of the original lady who invented this, so I won’t be linking to her here, but basically, she used highlighter for everything, to do a full face. Jeffree Star did a hilarious take on the video as well, commenting ‘This is perfect for a light summer wedding look’ etc. (Btw, Sarcasm, people.) But he’s a controversial figure so I don’t really want to support him as well. So you only get to see my version here 😛


Here are the products I’ll be using. All very shimmery. Clockwise: 3W Clinic Crystal Creator powder in Pearl, Catrice Kaviar Gauche Radiance pearls, By Terry Love Me Tender lipstick, Kiko Radiant touch highlighter stick, Colourpop Monster, random frosty white shadow, random bronze shadow I’m using as a bronzer, Life’s Entropy Liquid Illuminator Nebula, and Zoeva Rose Golden Blush palette.


Here is my bare face.


I used the Kiko Radiant Touch highlighter stick as a primer. It has a very thin and siliconey texture, which makes it fantastic for that purpose. I have also actually worn it all over on a normal day as a base and it didn’t look too crazy.

Okay, since this is not a video I skipped most of the in between steps. Here

Here is me apply moar highlighter on my lids, and me with a crapton of pearl powder (read: powder with glitter) all over mah face.


This is my end result! I realized 2 things:

  1. My highlighter collection is very natural compared to some of the crazy shit youtubers have. I mean like, I don’t look THAT crazy.
  2. Natural light (like in my photos) also makes shittons of highlighter into a semi natural glow. If you had a a ring light, however……..


Overall it was a fun challenge! Although I didn’t end up looking like a robot alien. Have you tried the highlighter challenge?


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