Brand Feature: Besame Cosmetics

I have loved Besame Cosmetics for a long time.

As you should know, I have a very vintage soul. Even though I don’t dress all pin-up, or even vintage all the time (I like my variety yo) I do love the vintage aesthetic. Lots and lots and lots of red lips. Pin curls (PIN CURLS!!!!) blunt bangs, polka dots and A line dresses. All the things I love šŸ™‚

(I even do Chinese Vintage, look at the exhibit below:)


So it’s no surprise that Besame really spoke to me. The entire brand is about vintage beauty and glamour.


Besame is best known for their extensive collection of recreated historical shades of red lipstick. For example, there is 1930 Noir Red, which is a very dark, blackened red like what the flapper girls used to wear in the Pre depression era (or what I call the Great Gatsby era.) There’s 1941 Victory Red, where women were encouraged to wear red lipstick to lift the spirits. (YES, RED LIPSTICK DOES WONDERS FOR YOUR SPIRIT!) There’s also 1959 Red Hot Red, which is Marilyn Monroe’s shade.

My favourite is 1946 Red Velvet, because it is the Agent Carter lipstick shade. Behold:



Although I have to admit, I’m more comfortable with bright reds than dark reds, and Red Velvet looks a little dark to me. Idk, I’m still getting it šŸ˜€

Just in case RED EVERYDAY is not your thing (and I definitely can’t wear red everyday) there is 1969 Dusty Rose, which looks to be a wearable everyday mauve. And another I’ve been very interested for some reason is 1970 Chocolate Kiss, which I guess is the first brown lipstick I’ve been obsessed over? There’s also a small selection of glosses (described at thick but not sticky, my favourite kind!) and lipliners.

Besame also has a small selection of face products. They used to make these FREAKING GORGEOUS vintage compacts.


Which aren’t available right now, but they may make more batches in the future. HOW PRETTY IS THAT COMPACT.

They have this Vanilla brightening powder though, and I’m sold at the first word. VANILLA!!!! SCENTED POWDER! I would slather myself in vanilla everything if I could. Unfortunately I think I have enough powder to last me for the next 5 years.

Recently they released a new line of blushes, in 4 colours. My favourite is Raspberry, because PURPLE BLUSH. There isn’t any review I can find of it yet, but they look like a gorgeous flush of satin colour.

Besame also has a couple of mascaras, but I am not interested in them because my wimpy Asian lashes need hardcore Japanese mascaras. Anything less won’t do šŸ˜¦

My current cart for Besame is very long:

  1. 1946 Red Velvet (for sure!)
  2. 1970 Chocolate Kiss
  3. Raspberry Delicate Rouge
  4. Vanilla Brightening powder
  5. Caramel Sweetheart Glaze (because it looks semi-opaque and CARAMEL FLAVOUR GLOSS!)

Besame is not the cheapest brand out there. The pricing is on par with mid-range brands like Urban Decay, which makes me weep a little. Their lipsticks have fantastic reviews, but I’m not that sure about the rest of the products. I really love the marketing and image of Besame, and not being able to buy directly from the site is pretty frustrating. If you’re in Singapore, you can order off BeautyBay. [I have not ordered from them before, please do so at your own risk.] They only have a small selection and the Red Velvet lipstick always sells out a few days after each restock. I know because I stalk that page a lot. šŸ˜€ But the price is very fair and there is free shipping at a very low minimum.

I would still like to buy directly from the Besame website because you know, ALL MY OTHER STUFF.

By the end of the year I would have laid my hands on some Besame stuff, by hook or by crook, and I will be reviewing them šŸ˜€


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