Conquering Undereye Creasing

I used to have okay dark circles, but recently they’ve become quite terrible due to working long hours and not that much sleep. I’ve been packing on the concealer too, but I’ve recently discovered, to my horror, that my concealer has been creasing and becoming patchy all this while!!!! 

It looks great during application, but by lunch time… gross!

Here’s how to learn from my mistakes.

Do not get too trigger happy with the concealer.

I know your dark eye circles look like shit. It’s not going to help if you put twice as much concealer as usual. There will just be too much product and it will cake up or move around. If you do need to apply more than usual to cover more things up, do it layer by layer.


This amount is more than sufficient for me.

Primer on your undereyes is your best friend! 

You prime your face to help your foundation go on smoother. You’d also want to prime your undereyes to increase coverage of your concealer and reduce caking by giving it a very smooth canvas. And it makes your undereyes SO silky smooth.

Set it with powder!!!!!!

I used to always skip this step. I was always very worried that my undereyes would cake up with powder (which it frequently did.)

The importance is in the powder you use. I can only say experiment, but in my experience, powder foundations DO NOT work. DO NOT USE POWDER FOUNDATION TO SET YOUR UNDEREYES.

DO NOT USE SHIMMERY POWDERS TO SET YOUR UNDEREYES. I have 2, as blogged about before, but I’m also thinking of things like Hourglass Ambient lights, Guerlain Meteorites, etc. It will HIGHLIGHT EVERYTHING. You do not want glittery eyebags.

What has worked for me is those mattifying powders. They tend to be very thin in texture, so they don’t make the concealer cake up. Of course, don’t apply too much. Very matte skin is pretty untrendy right now, but a tiny touch of this dusted under your eyes really helps!

My powder is the Essence All about Matt powder. My undereye concealer, as always, is NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey. I use my useless brush to apply. I recently learnt it’s described as a ‘fluff’ brush, and it’s a very multitasking brush – undereyes, or to dust a base shade over your eyes, etc. Well, I guess I finally found out what it’s supposed to be for!


See the tiny amount of powder making the bristles a little bit whiter? That’s the amount of powder you need to use. Too much powder makes cakiness too!


Pat it gently on your undereyes!


Hope this helps you in preventing your concealer from moving!


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