Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette Review


This is the blush palette I’ve lemmed after for awhile! I first saw Temptalia’s review on it and I was sold. It’s not easy to get hold of Zoeva in Singapore though. You can buy it off Sephora Singapore but they don’t stock many things, this palette being one of them 😛

I originally wanted to purchase it off Beauty Bay along with some Besame goodies. While waiting for a discount code, I saw someone destashing theirs and you can bet I GRABBED IT. That’s how I got it for $21 instead of $27 off Beauty Bay.

It’s housed in a slim rose gold cardboard case without a mirror. It’s compact and slim and doesn’t take up too much space. I like it.

So what about the stuff in the pans?


Here are my swatches. L-R: Contour shade (Heavy Crown), Blush shade (Palace Door) and Highlight (Glowing Still) Yes, I promise the contour shade is actually there.

Heavy Crown


Here’s a close up of the swatch of Heavy Crown, the contour shade. Let’s talk about the contour shade first. I did not buy this palette for the contour shade, so I don’t really care about it. It doesn’t show up well on my arm which is far darker than my face, but it does show up on my face. It’s kind of warm, so it’s not the best contour shade, but it works okay and it’s matte. It’s hard to swatch because it’s very firm and kind of powdery and not super pigmented. That makes swatching a pain, but it applies fine, so I don’t care. I do have to say that it’s nifty to have blush, highlight and contour all in the same place. I don’t keep having to pull out my Minimint palette for my NYX Taupe.

Okay, BORING, next.

Palace Door


What is a palette called Rose Gold without an actual Rose Gold? This is a very NARS Orgasm kind of shade. It’s very welcome, because I actually destashed my Sleek Lace palette and was left without a rose gold kind of blush. It is VERY shimmery and can actually be a highlighter for those with darker skintones. As it is, the base colour shows up fairly well on me. It’s very nice and creamy swatched, but application does not prove difficult as it is medium pigmentation lightly swept on the cheeks. Don’t have to be very careful here. I like it, and you can totally skip the highlighter if you wish. I like it very much, although I wouldn’t call it ‘natural’ because of the heavy shimmer.

Glowing Still


Aaaand the star of the palette! It looks white in the pan, but it’s actually a white with gold shimmer. This creates a very lovely effect that’s not exactly the same as straight gold highlighters (like the Mary Lou Manizer.) It’s like a duochromey kind of gold rather than GOLD gold, if it makes sense? It is SUPER creamy and VERY pigmented – seriously, be careful unless you want to glow like you’re from the skies. I find it can emphasize pores a little bit but I’m very happy with it, it makes me feel like a singing choir of angels have descended on my face.

Here is everything on my face. (No other make up on, not even foundation, it was a lazy day!)


You can see the blush adds a nice flush without being super pigmented or anything, and I AM GLOWING HOLY SHIT. I am also wearing the contour, but I’m not sure you can exactly see it.

Overall, I recommend this palette, even at full price. You get 2 superb quality products and 1 meh one that’s still workable, for a very decent price, and all 3 come together very well so you can easily bring it along for travel or something (except that it has no mirror!!!!) The blush and even contour are pretty idiot proof, although the highlighter is not. I am very happy with this purchase and I’m happy now that my rose gold blush void is filled.


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