Geek Chic The Pie Hole collection

So… I’m posting about this because I got it on a SALE, and I got it on sale because… It’s DISCONTINUED! Boo hoo. So whatever I review, you can’t buy anymore. Sorreeeeee.


I bought this set because I was eyeing it for a long while, until I cut back my US shopping list. When I found out they were going to be discontinued, I bought everything available. I’m missing I think The Pie maker, which is really sad because I LOVE the character/actor (SWOOOOOOON LEE PACE) and the scent of Caramel Apple pie sounds right up my alley 😦

Anyway, I’m not very good at scents and I’ve got a pretty simplistic nose, so let’s see what I can get from these:

Overall though I would say that the throw on all these scents are kind of low, and they don’t stay too long. Plus, the tubes they come in are absolutely miniscule. I would probably try them as actual perfume once or twice, then… idk, keep them as sniffies?

  1. Bitter Sweets:

Sniff in Tube: smells exactly like my lemon blueberry cobbler that I made the other day.

On skin: I can alternately smell the buttery crust, the lemon/lime note (which is kind of more artificial cleaning spray smelling on my skin, yuck) and occasionally the blueberries. Pleasant enough if I ignore the occasional whiff of cleaning spray. Smells exactly like last weekend otherwise.

Actual smell: …a cool and sugary Lemon Meringue Pie, with whipped cream and vanilla bean notes to round it out.

Okay, I was close with the lemon and the buttery smell, but there is no berry inside, lol. Overall, I like this scent, it makes me very hungry.

2. Itty Bitty

Sniff in Tube: Woah this smells exactly like the Toffee Nut Latte from Starbucks. Superbly overpriced but delicious, I usually drink it at least once every holiday season when they roll it out. Cinnamon, creamy goodness with some pumpkin.

On skin: The same as in the tube. The cinnamon is predominant but I goddamn love cinnamon so I don’t care.

Actual: …a Hot Buttered Pumpkin Pie scent… the pumpkin creme brulee is made more complex by buttered rum and tempered with Mexican fried ice cream, whipped cream, and buttery pie crust to round out the canvas.

I was not very off, but it doesn’t seem very complex to me, it’s just YUM. Another one I would eat.

3. Field of daisies

Sniff in Tube: Banana and cream. The banana small is not too gross, but slightly artificial. The buttery cream does make sure it doesn’t get too artificial.

On skin: The banana is far less artificial. And actually quite nice, if I may say so (I tend to greatly dislike bananas.) It smells a little more like banana bread rather than banana pie now though.

Actual:…a cool Banana Creame Brulee Pie, with vanilla wafers and whipped creme smoothing out the banana and creme notes.

Yup, the vanilla wafers are probably the bready smell. Very nice after a few minutes on skin, would totally wear. Doesn’t really make me hungry because yuck banana.

4. Darling Mermaid Darlings

Sniff in Tube: I find this very hard to describe. A little floral and fresh smelling, along with a buttery smell. I can’t really pinpoint what it is. Some kind of citrus.

On skin: Definitely very floral…. far more floral than in the tube. Also buttery still. The citrusy lemon smell mixed in with the floral to make it seriously floral. I’m hungry, but confused.

Actual: …a Coconut Key Lime Pie, complete with buttery pie crust to round out the fruity notes.

Uh…. Me no get coconut?

5. Knitwit PI

Sniff in Tube: CHOCOLATE BROWNIES. There’s a definite bready smell about it, much more like a chocolate bread/brownie than pie.

On skin: Woah chocolate. It’s a deep, dark, smooth chocolate, bitter and no sweetness about it. Uh…. there is also a slight burnt rubber kind of note on me. WHY.

Actual: a sweet, rich Chocolate Cream Pie with whipped cream and buttery pie crust adding complexity to the dark chocolate

I don’t get any cream and butter, and there’s that irritating burnt rubber smells that goes away sometimes but is really prevalent at others 😦 Urgh, it’s sad because it smells SO GOOD in the tube but it turns weird on me.

6. Forensic Fairy Tale:

Sniff in Tube: ARGH ALMOND. Pukes. It’s like cough syrup/marzipan/all that seriously gross almond shit that I hate. However I also detect a sweet creaminess to it at times that makes it less puke inducing.

On skin: this has the dubious honour of being the first fragrance EVER to give me a reaction. Look at this photo: It’s red and itchy on the inside of my elbow only where I have applied it. Guess my body hates it as much as my nose.


Actual: Forensic Fairy Tale is crafted to smell like a fresh Raspberry Frangipan Tartlet, with raspberry and almond notes and an underlying buttery pie crust.

You can say almond again. And urgh I am so not wearing this on my skin. Either destashing it or something.

7.The Lonely Tourist

Sniff in tube: Almonds again 😦 but this one is more subtle, and there’s some berry going on which makes things a lot more tolerable.

On skin: Smells like artificial fruit candy. At least there’s not too much almond going on, and it doesn’t irritate my skin. Gets better over time, it mellows out.

Actual: a fresh Raspberry Frangipan Tartlet, with raspberry and almond notes and an underlying buttery pie crust.

Can’t escape from that almond note, I think I detest all things almond. I will studiously avoid all almond shit from now on.


Overall I’m pretty happy with the few I bought, for a small amount of dollars. I have to apply them to a few locations if I want the smell to project (say, maybe neck and two different elbow crooks should do the trick) but they do stick around for a few hours. It’s been around 3-4 hours after I applied the perfumes, I walked to the market and applied sunscreen and sweated a lot and I can still smell buttery pie goodness on myself. I’ll just not buy almond notes ever forever. And I totally love smelling like a cake shop.


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