Monthly Makeup Report: May

Here’s a lowdown of my make up doings this month!


In April, GeekChic was selling off the last of their Pie Hole collection solid-perfumes-in-lipbalm-tubes, and it was being discontinued and on sale. Since I LOVE Pushing Daisies, which it is based on, I bought the whole lot of them. I’ve been eyeing them since last year actually but never pulled the trigger. I used some extra balance I had in my paypal, and I sent them to an aunt who lives in the US who very kindly sent them to me at no additional cost (although additional postage to Singapore was only $1.15 USD!!) They cost about $16 USD with shipping within US, but I paid with balance I had in paypal.


For these two months I actually only bought 1 thing, which is the Zoeva Rose Golden palette. I’ve been eyeing this for months too, and I found someone destashing theirs, so I grabbed it at $21, for $5 cheaper than what I would have paid from the retailer I was planning to buy it from. I’ve used it a few times, and I’m glad to say that I like it very much.

Total expenditure: $21



Newtrals vs Neutrals

I’ve been lemming lots of things though, chiefly the Newtrals vs Neutrals palette from Make up Revolution.

credits to

I’ve already tried to dupe this colour scheme with my existing palette. The bottom row is fairly dupeable (it’s supposedly a selection of Naked 3 esque colours) but the top row is very undupeable. I have nothing so red and peachy and bright yet semi neutral esque.

Bubble Tea Sleeping Packs

Etude House released a new skincare item, that I found out about through Haodoyoungo. While I am skeptical about the efficacy of Etude House’s skincare and would rather stick to my tried and tested COSRX and skincare from ‘boring’ brands, this is CUTE BEYOND BELIEF.


BLACK BUBBLE TEA!!! I seriously love black tea and I LOVE bubble tea. I just drink it very little because the amount of milk and sugar doesn’t really agree with me, and it’s really expensive for just sugared and milked tea. And eh I’m not really lemming over this but it’s such an ADORABLE novelty skincare item. I may get this when I run out of moisturizer or can find a good deal or something.

Life’s Entropy Immortal Jellyfish


Holy shit just look at it. ORANGE GOLD GOODNESS. I will definitely pick this up the next time I order from Life’s Entropy, which may not be for awhile, because their Brow Theory seriously lasts goddamn forever. I’m still on my first tiny little sample 😦

Make up mood

For awhile I did a bare minimum of make up, due to problems at work and me wanting to be taken more seriously. Now, I’m in a mood to experiment with make up. I mainly want to use more of my cream shadows before they expire.

I also feel more experimental, which ended up with this:


Sorry the lighting is kind of crap, but THERE IS BLUE ON MY LOWER LASH LINE! It’s like the first time I’ve done it after very long. There’s also a crapton of black shadow in a very messy smoked liner. And I don’t think you can see it but I’m actually wearing false lashes too!!! This was a fun grunge ‘cool-girl’ look to do.


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