Empties, May 2016

Sorry about the silence. I haven’t really been in the mood for blogging. You know how your likes and dislikes kind of swing around and contradict themselves? Yeah, like that.

Just a short personal discussion – I was having some problems at my new workplace, and I felt that the almost-no make up look made me look more serious about work, rather than bothering about make up all the time – seriously. I think my boss was in an exceptionally bad mood that week and I really went very light to be Very Serious. Now that my performance is decent and she’s not as cranky, I’m happy to go back to my usual comfort level of make up.

I still wear quite a bit of make up, but sometimes I don’t feel like talking about me wearing make up. So I blog…. sometimes. And sometimes I don’t. But I do always try to make myself post something.

I’ve also been hard at work using shit up, so let’s take a look at the actual point of the post, my May empties! This is a little early because if not I’ll definitely forget this shit.

This was a bumper month, which was actually why I started collecting my empties. I tend to want to throw shit away as quickly as possible.


Foil samples:

Redflo Camellia Hair Shampoo (very unfortunately named…) and Debon Lily of the Valley conditioner, Carolina Herrera 212 Men sample, Mentholatum Acnes face wash.

The shampoo was quite nice, and the conditioner smelled terrible. They are Korean brands and these samples came free when I mass buy my sunscreens. The 212 sample is from my husband, and I wanted to use it up. The Mentholatum Acnes face wash was TERRIBLE, left my face super squeaky and broke me out after 2 washes. I still used it up by using it to wash brushes, which is how I use up all crap face washes.


Now onto the stuff I’m really proud of finishing! Because foil samples don’t count.


Nicole by OPI top coat: I pick my topcoats out randomly on a whim. This was REALLY slow to dry, and hence very unsuitable for my fidgety personality, but it was very glossy, and the thickness meant it smoothed out imperfections quite well, and protected the nails relatively well. But I would not repurchase.

L’oreal Shine Caresse Gloss Stain in Venus: I’ve had this for a year plus, and it REALLY IS EMPTY, I did not throw it away because it turned bad or something. BEHOLD THE GLORY:


It has quite a perfumey smell and taste when it’s fresh, but my tube is a little old so thank goodness it has lost the smell and taste. Other than that, I absolutely love it. This is a semi sheer pink that perfects your lips without giving too much colour, and I could layer it over nearly any lipstick to refresh the colour and keep my lips moisturized and shiny. I could also apply this without a mirror. It also lasts well because it’s thicker, but it’s not sticky. I don’t like it that much on its own, I prefer its sister Lolita (which I heard has been discontinued :(((((( but it’s a great layering/everything gloss. This line is FREAKING AWESOME. Maybe will rebuy in a carefully considered colour.

Dior Hypnose Homme: Another one from my husband who has the biggest perfume collection in the world. This one had a teeny bit left, so I just sprayed it until it was gone. Not very special or nice.

Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream: This appeared in my sample rundown post. It took me quite a while to finish it because there’s actually 10ml of moisturizer, which is 1/3-1/5 the size of an average moisturizer which lasts me goddamn forever. I have to say I don’t quite like it. I wash my face with water only in the mornings and pat it dry, but this does not come off with just water. Like I seriously don’t know what’s in this thing, but it just forms a hard film. I learnt the full extent of this when I was washing out the jar to keep to store other things. No wonder I had some small pimples when I was using this. It also doesn’t moisturize me particularly well. Will not repurchase.

Some Random Hotel Lotion: Yay for using it up.

Uriage Isolisse 1st wrinkles radiance cream: You guys, I don’t generally use a sample and think HOLY SHIT, IMMA BUY THIS but it happened with this. Which is why I cut the top off even though it was only a fucking sample. This was a medium weight cream – not too light, not too greasy that smelt slightly chocolatey and buttery so it smells and feels divine going on your face. It sinks in well and moisturizes well. Idk about wrinkles and other nonsense claims but it is a divinely nice moisturizer. It also costs $70 for 40ml here like what the fuck is wrong with you people. I would repurchase this if I could get a fantastic deal because I really liked this.

Now that I’m better settled in my job, hopefully I’ll be doing more make up and coming back to blogging!



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