Brush Feature: Face brushes

I decided to talk about the brushes I use because I have quite a few, and I use them nearly everyday. The key thing is that I don’t have dupes, each brush serves a specific function.

All my face brushes!

First, we’ll look at the brushes I use to do my base.

Top – Bottom: RT Buffing Brush, RT Flat foundation brush, Red Earth travel powder brush, The Body Shop Kabuki brush

As you can see, I do like my RT brushes quite a lot.

RT Buffing Brush: it has been a constant companion for about 1.5 – 2 years. It has shed a couple of hairs, but nothing major, and it’s always been soft and great for buffing foundation in. No complaints here.

RT Flat foundation brush aka the most useless brush in the set: I know most people hate it, and I certainly don’t use it to apply foundation. I use this exclusively for undereye concealer because I find it works far faster than the itty bitty concealer brushes. When I’m doing a seriously perfect face, I may also use this to apply primer, to ensure that it gets in all nooks and crannies.

Red Earth Powder brush: Powder, durrrrrh. I suppose you CAN use this as a blush brush in a pinch but I haven’t done that in a long time.

The Body Shop Kabuki: My least used base brush. I generally only use this for powder foundations, which I only wear in weekends. I guess I may be able to really airbrush my foundation if I was very concerned.


Next, we have the other brushes I use for my face.

Bottom to top: RT crease brush (from eye set), RT contour brush (from base set), Red Earth unknown function brush, Ecotools blush brush, The Face Shop travel kit blush brush

RT Crease brush from the eye set is FAR too huge for my eyes. I use it exclusively for the purpose of contouring my nose. It fits perfectly into the sides of my nose and is fluffy and dense enough to blend out the cream contour I put there. I also occasionally use it to do very heavy and precise contour on my cheeks, but I do that like once a year.

RT Contour brush (from base set) is a great brush for everyday contour. It’s nice soft and fluffy, so it gives a diffused natural contour, not an overblown Kardashian level one. It works very well with powders. I gently contour by just running it in the hollows of my cheeks nearly everyday. My absolute favourite game changing brush from RT, I would say.

Red Earth unknown brush: I’ve talked about it in my useless Brush diaries too. (linked above!) The medium sized paddle-with-fluff design makes it a jack of all trades and a master of none. I use it for cream contour (which I usually only do when I’m aiming for very heavy contour) and for stick blushes and highlights. Generally it’s good for dense, dryer products. I find it fantastic for my Colourpop highlight. It works well with stick blush adn highlight too because they tend to be dryer than the products that come in a pan.

Ecotools Blush Brush: Super soft and large. I find that there’s a learning curve to the dome head, because it can be used for both very precise blush application (not a fan) or a larger more diffused area.

The Face Shop travel kit blush brush: Mine’s ferrule is a bit dented – it’s like, 4 years old by now. I wanted to throw it away multiple times but overall it’s still SUPER useful and I can’t bear to. It’s not very dense and the bristles aren’t the softest, but I find it immensely useful for cream blushes in a pan. I use it in a stippling motion and it is PERFECT. Since it’s sort of rectangular in shape and not very fluffy, I can also use it for cream contour if I wanted to.

So as you can see, I have quite a few face brushes, but all of them are pretty important in my routine and none of them are quite useless. In fact, I use them all very regularly. I would like a small and fluffy and un-dense brush for setting undereyes though. I MAY want to replace the travel set of Red Earth brushes with some Jessup brushes eventually but I just don’t want to shell out money for it right now.


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