Changed my mind: 3W Clinic Powder Crystal Creator Bright

This is what I hope to make into a new series. Basically about products I thought I liked or hated at first, and then grew to hate/love it for some reason or another. I am fickle, yes.

Anyway, let’s talk a little about this powder. This is 3W clinic, the same brand as my beloved sunscreen, purveyor of cheap and good Korean cosmetics. I think this powder used to be called Dodo Palgatong theatrical powder. The history behind this red jar is absolutely confounding.

The red jar is very sturdy, if not very pretty. The included puff is pretty good too, soft and squishy and pretty thick.

Anyway, my powder is in the shade 10 Pearl. There are 3 shades: 10 Pearl, 21 Light, and 23 Natural or something. Korean shades are very standardized, so basically 21 = super fair, maybe NC 10-15 thereabouts, and 23 = NC20. I would usually go for 23 in anything Korean. Aaaaand the shades end there. Korean brands don’t have a good reputation for shade range, can you tell? 😀

I got this secondhand off someone, which explains why I ended up with Pearl instead of 23 (ie I wasn’t looking.) Pearl is actually translucent, with a SHITTON of glitter. I shit you not, look at my arm. This is using the included puff, patting it off, and then patting my arm very lightly.

Compare this to the Catrice Radiance Pearls. I used a buffing brush, picked up as much product as I could and really buffing it on. You can tell that the 3W clinic powder has actual glitter in it, whereas the Radiance Pearls just have shimmer.

L: Radiance Pearls. R: 3W Clinic Crystal Creator

This was why when I first got it I was like FUCK ME why did I buy a tub of glitter. However this week I took it out and trialed it properly and I changed my mind!

The reason is that the glitter doesn’t translate as horrendously as you think it does. On the face, at certain angles when the light hits you yes, you do look like you have glitter on your face, but not like a walking disco ball. The glitter is small enough to be relatively subtle and ‘perfecting’ rather than ‘glittering’. Plus, the powder is LOVELY. It’s makes my skin look amazing, with or without the glitter. It’s very natural, and melds into my skin amazingly. Or if you’re really anxious about the glitter, use it as a highlighter or something.

Of course, I don’t apply it with the puff. That would really look like a walking disco ball. I take my powder brush and I tap it on the puff and tap off the excess. Basically, be a little more careful.

However I have to note that it doesn’t really have oil control properties. I like my skin to look natural, so I just sweep it on after my foundation (the satinish Lasting Silk.) It gives me a very soft satin look. It will NOT make you matte or keep you matte, but it will make your skin look amazing.

The best? It’s DIRT CHEAP. 30g (1 oz) costs $5 on Qoo10. [affiliate] Of course you can opt for 21 or 23 rather than a tub full of glitter you see here instead.

Moral of the story? Great powder can be really cheap! I swear this is as good as any more expensive powder out there.


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