Lip Balm Smackdown! Lots of mini reviews

Just like most other people (even muggles!) I have lots of lip balms. In my defense, I don’t buy all of them. Some of them were bought by family members, which eventually got passed to me, etc.

The balms here range from expensive to cheap, and obscure to cult.


Dr Lipp Nipple balm, jar of lanolin + Nuxe and a tinted version too, Nuxe Reve de Miel (green cap.) Carmex in the jar, Kose Pure Organic UV Cut SPF20 (green tube) Dr Rimpler Sun stick (white tube) and Lansinoh HPA Lanolin.


Closer look at the jars!

Dr Lipp and Lansinoh are basically the same thing, which is lanolin. There is actually a difference between the two. Dr Lipp has a FAR muskier taste. Like, you’re really reminded that you’re eating the hair grease of an animal :S Lansinoh is far more pleasantly tasteless. It’s also is softer and squishier, while Dr Lipp is slightly thicker.

DR Rimpler is a very expensive ($15!!!) and very…. oily lipbalm. It’s exceptionally soft and squishy and thin in texture. I don’t very much fancy it, but it works okay and smells and tastes citrusy. It’s almost used up because I chopped off a large portion to mix into my own tinted balms and stuff. It’s the balm I keep in the office to use and I guess it’s good that it has SPF.

Surprisingly, I actually REALLY like Carmex. The Lanolin/Nuxe mixture is nice but doesn’t do as much for me as Carmex. Carmex really exfoliates and smooths out my lips like no other, maybe due to the small amount of salicylic acid? I alternate between lanolin/nuxe and Carmex for the night. I’m trying to destash Nuxe since there’s a good 70% of the jar left and I just scooped out some for mixing with lanolin.

My favourite of the lot is Kose UV Cut. This is the perfect texture of soft, buttery and just SLIGHTLY waxy. It really softens up my lips and soothes them, and it has UV protection! 😀 (Also partly because tubes are just easier to apply I guess.) Surprisingly it’s also semi-matte. It’s my daily morning balm.

All purpose: Lanolin. Works for everything – lip gloss, lipbalm, cuticle balm, emergency moisturizer for really dry parts of the face, face gloss, etc. I prefer Lansinoh over Dr Lipp.

Most effective: Carmex at night. Holy shit it does work. It just smells and tastes kind of gross, like er, burnt rubber tires mixed with oranges.


I keep Dr Lipp and Dr Rimpler at my office desk. Dr Lipp is when my lips are truly horrible and I need something mega soothing. I also bring it along for travels since it’s very small.


What are your favourite lip balms?



2 thoughts on “Lip Balm Smackdown! Lots of mini reviews

  1. My usual lip balm is Palmer’s cocoa butter balm, but Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips has been saving my lips recently. AND it smells like roses! I used to use Carmex a lot but I don’t think it helped me much.


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