Weekly Make up Basket W18

This week I picked a gorgeous palette that gets little use because… I’m an idiot D:


The illamasqua Empower palette is gorgeous. It’s what I would call the SFX palette because it’s full of duochrome and shimmer and glitter. PACKED.


Left to Right: Matte shade, glitter lavender pink, teal brown duochrome, dark grey cream filled with GLITTAH, teal brown over grey cream, lavender over grey cream.

There is 1 matte shade that’s a bit dark to use as a base, but a bit light to use as a crease and it doesn’t really show up. So I guess it’s best to call it a blending/transition shade. There is the famous blue brown duochrome in a beautiful iteration. This is very warm and chocolatey, definite green shimmer. It’s also SUPER silky. Too bad, like all blue-brown type shades, it requires a black base for the green to really shine through. On it’s on it’s a brown with sneaky green shimmer (but a very gorgeous brown!)

There’s also a white-pink shade absolutely packed with silver and purple microglitter. It’s sort of duochromey too since it’s a white base with lavender/pink shimmer (and the microglitter, don’t forget.) This shade can feel a bit gritty when you touch it with your finger, but it feels alright going on. I tend to use my fingers for this because brushes lose the microglitter. Lastly, we have a silky cream, the kind that doesn’t set, that is a dark grey base packed with silver shimmer. For a non-setting cream, it wore pretty well throughout the day for me with some smudging at the outer corners (like almost everything for me) but it looked more like a grungy smokey eye than my-eye-makeup-smudged.

The sad thing is, it’s a little too grey and washes the teal out, so it necessitates a separate black liner/base for the teal to shine through. Thus, I have no idea how the palette works together as 4 colours.

But SO MUCH SHIMMER. I approve.

I also happen to be doing a 1 lipstick a day challenge for May, so my lip colour will be different every day of this month! Yippee.

I decided to pair this week’s very SFX look with no blush and MOAR special effects in the form of my pearlescent highlighter.

Look 1: ALL TEH COLOURS! Lavender pink in inner corner, grey cream to line, teal brown on lid, transition shade…. used as a transition shade.


The brown in the teal brown kind of brings out my undereyes :S Also partly because I was using my finger to apply it, lol.


Look 2: PARHPUL. Lavender pink over messy base of the grey cream, and the teal brown just on the outer corners. I was not too big a fan because the purple is super pretty but I’m not sure purples of this shade look good on me. I think I had another eyeshadow that looks similar and it made me look really sallow.


Note: From n ow on, I will post the weekly make up baskets at the end of the week. I take photos of my looks nearly every day, since I have to do the daily lipstick challenge, but I’m too tired when I come back home and I generally just want to laze around instead of blog, so….

2 thoughts on “Weekly Make up Basket W18

  1. How do you find the Illamasqua eyeshadows in general? This is actually the first mention of them I’ve come across on a blog. I wonder if the purple would look better with a warmer blush, or just a stronger blush? You look really pretty with both looks, though. 😀


    1. Illamasqua gets very little coverage everywhere! I was lucky enough to go to a press event and get touchy feely with most of their range last year. Their singles are kind of weird, especially the mattes, on the chalky side and hard to blend and come in all sorts of ‘seriously does anyone buy that’ colours.

      The quads are pretty nice, and I think most comprise of 3 powder + 1 cream. Apparently only Empower and the LE blue palette mentioned later on has the cream, most of them are 4 powders. This particular palette is very good quality, the matte is a bit powdery but very soft and easy to blend, the duochrome is really silky smooth without being dense and buttery, its texture actually reminds me of Japanese shadows (but way more pigmented.) The glitter is kind of gritty in the pan but applies well, and the cream is very silky and wore surprisingly well throughout the day. Overall I can’t fault this palette for quality (but the glitter is on the dry side, you can see a chunk in a corner that fell off.) But I guess this palette has very common colours that are easily done well. The launch I went to had an LE all blue palette that seemed good quality though, so I was quite impressed.

      And thanks for the compliment! 😀


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