Makeup Obsessed Tag!

Stolen from Auxiliary Beauty! I don’t usually do this but it’s good fun 😀


1. Do you remember your first makeup item?

The first one I used was a multi-palette (the cheap and nasty ones) for various childhood events like graduation, presentations, etc.) My mother bought it and I sometimes secretly played with it.

The first one I bought for myself a glittery pink lipgloss from ZA (Taiwan brand.) Kind of makes me cringe now….


2. What kind of coverage do you prefer from foundation?

I like sheer-medium. I have pretty decent skin (she says, while nursing 2 large pimples currently…. I swear it’s the new sample of facewash I have that’s breaking me out) but it can look pretty sallow and a bit unevenly coloured, so I just like to smooth everything out a bit. I prefer those leaning towards medium because I don’t use concealer anywhere except my undereyes and I do like the occasional small blemish to be covered up decently. I don’t like full-coverage foundations because it’s way too heavy and often cakey. And too sheer foundations are kind of beyond the point. 
3. Favorite high-end brand?

Armani for sure. I like the overall aesthetic, and it has some fabulous products. I’ve used the illuminator, a liquid lipstick, several foundations, and most of all, my cherished Eyes to Kill Silk eyeshadow pots and you have to pry them from my cold dead hands. In my rounds of destashing I opened up all the pots and swatched them and wore them and couldn’t let go of any of them.


I have like 3 or 4 more now!

4. What cosmetic brands have you always wanted to try but still haven’t?

Besame Cosmetics! I swear the vintageness is just made for my vintage loving soul. I hope to live in eternal glamour and elegance and cateyes and lush lashes and red lipstick (preferably NARS Dragon Girl. Red Velvet the Agent Carter lipstick is acceptable too.) (Okay, no, I want to switch up my look all the time, but you get my drift.)

5. Favorite drugstore brand? 

Man, I have to say that I love a whole mix of drugstore brands. I would never touch drugstore foundation ever because they would never match my undertones, but Catrice makes a whole lot of lovely single eyeshadows and gorgeous limited edition items, Maybelline and Revlon make awesome lipsticks, and I also love Asian drugstore brands like Clio.

If Kiko is counted a drugstore brand, definitely Kiko. I think they do lots of types of products well, often with impeccable marketing and packaging. They offer a huge range of colours and products at a SUPER LOW price point. I always end up binge buying Kiko when I’m in Europe.
6. Do you wear fake lashes?

Tried to, hated it. I may wear it for REALLY special occasions. I believe the last time I actually wore it of my own volition was when my girlfriends and I went to a club and we went ALL out. (that was like, 3 years ago…)
7. Is there any kind of makeup you can’t leave the house without? 

I am perfectly willing to leave the house bare faced, even without sunscreen, if I had to. I’m not that fussy. That said, I try not to leave the house without doing my brows (and also the sunscreen.) I have quite a fair bit of brow hairs but they’re not very densely packed, so I like to at least fill them in a little.

8. What is your most cherished makeup product? 

NARS Dragon Girl. I don’t actually have it now, because I lost 2 of them, but I definitely love it. There have been make up I bought, lost, and didn’t care about, but I actively want to buy my Dragon Girl no.3. I’m holding out because I want to use up some reds first.

9. Do you utilize coupons, rewards cards, and sales when you shop for cosmetics? 

Definitely, I make mental notes of products I love and wait for black friday sales and such. I am very, very good at waiting. I love indie cosmetics and I’m totally waiting for this black friday to scoop some up. I also wait a long time for people destashing their products to snap up something I want.

10. What type of product do you buy the most of?

Used to be lipstick, but now that I have quite a lot, my focus seems to be lemming after eyeshadow now (not that I don’t have enough eyeshadow….) I haven’t bought any make up for awhile now though, so I’m proud of myself!

11. Do you like colorful shades of makeup (lipstick, blush, etc.) or neutral ones?

I love neutral tones with pops of colour. I think plain neutrals are just blah, and I’m always trying to work in something funky into my look. Be it a simple clean eye with berry lips in the office, or copper/pink/burgundy eyeshadow or TONS of blush, I try to stay on the teetering edge of wearable.
12. What is your favorite eyeshadow color?

Mint green with gold shimmer!!!! Such an easy question. I have 2 such shades, and a few more that are close (seafoam green with gold shimmer, mint without gold, grassier green with gold shimmer, you get the drift) I seriously LOVE minty greens. And I’ve been lemming after an indie one too.
13. Is there a brand that you absolutely can’t stand?

I would say no? I dislike lots of brands (Kylie, Glossier, Tarte, Lush, Fresh) but I wouldn’t stay I absolutely can’t stand them. I just generally dislike overpriced nonsense in general, like Fresh and Lush skincare, and super expensive Glossier Generation G lipsticks.

14. Do you like trying new skincare products or do you keep a certain routine?

I detest trying new skincare products, but I have a ton of samples I’m slowly working through. Skincare is extremely unexciting to me, and I just stick to a few basics. My ultra-lazy morning routine is toner (since I’m trying to use up my bottle of toner now) and sunblock. When the toner is gone, it will be just sunblock.

My night routine is something like BHA/AHA, whatever hydrating serum I have on hand, and whatever moisturizer I’m trying to use up. When I have samples of stuff I will throw them in. I’ve found my HG AHA and BHA and I’m happy enough with my hydrating serum to not bother about looking for more, so it’s just moisturizer that I’ll have to replace or try out new ones until I find one I like. I do a sheet mask once every couple of weeks when I can be bothered to.

(So far, I’ve really liked one moisturizer sample I had, but it’s 70SGD  (~50USD)… holy. I am never going to spend that amount of money.)
15. Favorite bath and body brand?

Don’t really have one so far. I think it’s because we don’t really have bathtubs here, it takes AGES to draw a bath, water is expensive, and we have to shower like 3x a day because it’s SO HOT. So who cares about what products we use, so long as it keeps us clean. However, Boots housebrand shower gels are pretty nice and smell divinely like VANILLA CAKE, so I love them. The Vanilla body lotion is awesome too.

16. If you could only buy from one brand, which brand would you choose?

Wow this is a tough question… Hmmm, I think I’ll pick Kiko Milano. They have a great core line with loads of colour options and formulas so it will have everything I fancy, and they release gorgeous limited edition items every season too. The only thing is that their bases are probably very off in terms of undertones for me.

17. What brand do you think has the best packaging?


For fun and cutesy, I think Tonymoly is great. I have their bunny spray and it’s so goddamn cute. And the Cat mascara (not that it did much for me, booooooo) For classy packaging I think Armani packaging, with their oval-round shapes, are awesome.

PS, Asian brands have really preposterous packaging. Below is a blinged out lipstick with intricate embossing and a lipbrush that is apparently, magnetically attached. WTF.


18. Which celebrity always has great makeup?

Well, I hate Taylor Swift but she wears NARS Dragon Girl, so I guess she has good taste… I really like Zooey Deschanel’s make up aesthetic (and her as well!) It’s always very light but her lashes and lashline are really dark and dolly and even when she does smokey eyes there’s a girlish demureness to it. It’s lovely.

I’m like 99% sure those are false lashes but those bottom lashes are amazing.

19. Do you belong to any online makeup communities?

I’m on MakeupRehab (as kongci) and I sometimes participate at Indiemakeupandmore, and I comment on a few favourite blogs I read regularly!

20. Five favorite beauty/lifestyle influencers?

I don’t like influencers. I like to think the way I decide how to, thanks. That said, the blogs I do read frequently are: Auxiliary Beauty, Cheapasf, Rocaille Writes, Badoutfitgreatlipstick, and Alle Connell. There are a few more bloggers that have since gone inactive that I love.

21. Do you like multifunctional products like lip and cheek stains?

I use a lot of products everywhere. My favourite is using lipstick as blush. I do that for especially horrible lipsticks, like the Revlon Matte Audacious, which is quickly becoming my favourite coral summer flush. I’ve used mascara for brows, dipbrow-esque product to line my eyes, blush as eyeshadow, highlighter as eyeshadow, eyeshadow as lipstick, you name it! So I don’t actually need items that specifically call themselves multipurpose because you can bet that if I like it I’ll put it everywhere on my face.

22. Are you clumsy while putting on makeup?

I’m always clumsy, but I’ve gotten into a good routine in the mornings so that I don’t need to grope around for products. I’ve smashed lots of items though D:

23. Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?

I use both face and eye primer, although I’m trying to move away from the face primer since I don’t find it very necessary with my foundation of choice (Armani Lasting Silk.) I’ll probably still use it on fancy event days though. Eye primer is absolutely essential for me because my eyelids are oily as hell. Currently I am using Etude House Proof 10, bought because it was cheap and had decent reviews, after my NYX HD eye primer shattered (my 2nd tube, after I lost the first one. I seem to be very unlucky with a certain few items.) It’s a solid meh, colours don’t show up very brilliantly over it (although it does help, certainly) and the longevity is better than no primer but also not fabulous. I am waiting to use it up more before moving onto Eccentric Cosmetic’s longwear primer, which has amazing reviews.
24. What do you love about makeup?

I like that I can switch up my look whenever I want to. I have a lot of facets to my personality, and I love glamour, but I also love girl-next-door and SFX and mint green and bold colours and The Resting Bitch Face and all that, you know? I can be whoever I want to be that day with just a bit of make up and the right clothes.


3 thoughts on “Makeup Obsessed Tag!

  1. Ah, Dragon Girl. I tried it on a couple of years ago and remember not liking it much (it pulled warmish on my lips for some reason?), but maybe I should try it again. Not until I finish Mysterious Red, though. And I forgot to mention Besame in my post–I’ve wanted to try it for YEARS. But not being able to try it in person is a deterrent.

    I miss Alle’s articles for xoVain! Her newer stuff doesn’t seem to be as quirky.


    1. Maybe you could try it again when Mysterious Red is nearly gone! It’s SO very pink – people have accused it of not being a red at all, and compared it to Cherries in the Snow, so maybe it was the lighting or something! And I finally found an online stockist for Besame that has very good shipping rates to my country and I’ll be damned if I let not being able to return it stop me! 😀 I already have everything ready to go in my cart, just waiting for a discount code to pop up.

      Her new stuff is more commercialized sure, and the article structures are actually kinda buzzfeedy, but I love her and she still manages to make everything sound hilarious. Are you following her on Insta? SHE FOLLOWED ME BACK *swoon*


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