My Ideal Lip Collection

My ideal lip collection looks something like this:


  • Life’s Entropy Catalyst (perfect nude)
  • Life’s Entropy Biohazard (awesome pinky red with green shimmer – wearable daily but also weird.)
  • Sheer/clear gloss, doesn’t matter which brand tbh. The one I put here is from Catrice.
  • Revlon Matte Balm Shameless (MOST PERFECT PAHRPUL)
  • Maybelline Vivids Neon Red (warm red)
  • Revlon Icy Violet (SHIMMERY PAHRPUL that can almost pass off as a nude)
  • Maybelline Creamy Mattes Touch of Spice (It screams I-AM-A-SERIOUS-ADULT for when I can’t)
  • Buxom Hooligan (My lips but WAY FUCKING BETTER)
  • Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick Tiger’s Eye (GLITTERY BRONZE RED DAZZLES)
  • 4x Mentholatum Watercolour Sugar balm (the other 2 in the range has glitter, which I’m not that fond of.)
  • Guerlain Rouge G Gigolo (because I only need 1 dark, dark colour)
  • Kiko Metallic Lipstick in Fuchsia (because everyone needs a lipstick that screams HOT FUCKING METALLIC PINK)

To this, I would add:

  • NARS Velvet Matte Pencil Dragon Girl (bought, loved, lost, bought, loved, lost, yet to buy pencil no. 3 just in case I lose it)
  • Besame Red Velvet (never actually tried, but all reviews are raving and it’s DAT PEGGY CARTER LIPSTICK and I don’t have a darker red so HEY WHY NOT!)****

Of course, reality is sadly not the case, and I have loads of other lipsticks that I will be panning/destashing etc.

The total is 17, and that’s counting the 4 Mentholatums I have which are basically tinted balms that I rarely wear alone, and use most often to refresh my lipstick colour while providing much needed balminess. That is an amazingly low number of lipsticks, which means I can add more, amirite? 😀


**** I just found that [nonaffiliate] stocks BESAME!! AND THEY HAVE RED VELVET!!!!! And they have something else I like (Zoeva Rose Golden Blush palette!!!!!!!!) Going to place a very carefully considered order soon!!


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