Wet n Wild I Got Good Jeans, Duped!

I saw Wet n Wild’s I Got Good Jeans trio and was SO inspired! I’m a sucker for blue denim shades (even though I never wear blue eyeshadow… go figure) and matching with the gold is just…. Whoo!!! πŸ™‚


Plus, I saw this editorial photo:


I have no idea if the look was done using IGGJ or not, but the colour scheme is identical. And it looks GORGEOUS.

I pulled out shadows I had that looked similar and found these. Don’t ask me what palette they come from, I don’t know. I suspect the bottom one is from Sleek’s Bad Girl, but the pale blue I have no idea (perhaps Celestial). The gold cube is from a Body Shop baked cubes quad that is ancient, but it’s just the right kind of gold that is very yellow, for this quad.

On the right are the swatches. The pale blue isn’t too pigmented, which is fine by me because shimmery powder blue is SO 1980s. My jeans blue isn’t the greatest quality, it’s slightly patchy and turns a weird slightly greenish colour on me, but it’s fine since I only use it for accents. The gold is smooth and relatively pigmented.

I went for a different placement because I tried dark blue in the crease and it most certainly did NOT work. So I just kept the dark blue in the inner and outer corners as a slight accent. I also didn’t like the SHIMMA ALL OVAR look, so I used a matte taupe in the crease.

(Click to enlarge!)

I find that the cool blue also pairs really well with warm brown eyeliner, so a teeny bit of warm brown gel liner in my outer corner there goes. I really need definition around my lashline, idk why but my lashline is like super un dark.

Full face (wearing very minimal other make up, mainly just brows and powder that melted off in the extreme heat of today :P)

The overall look is actually really good! I really like it, and it’s a bit too involved for daily wear to the office, but it’s definitely a wearable, yet colourful result. It’s a definite blue eyeshadow look, without being I AM WEARING BLUE EYESHADOW Y’ALL. Maybe on Fridays?


So instead of spending money on yet another set of eyeshadows, challenge yourself to dupe a look with your existing shadows! And find very fun placements in the process πŸ™‚


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