Minimint Palette experience and review.

I purchased a Minimint custom palette here!



This was one of the very few items I bought during my US trip. If you look through Jenny’s Etsy shop, you will realize that she does custom magnetic palettes, a la Z palettes. Z palettes are boring though and come in very standard sizes and colourways (not to mention fairly expensive for being just bits of cardboard and plastic!!!), but Jenny will satisfy the indie, customizing freak in you.

Jenny offers special sizes: a 3×3 mini palette, 4×4 mint palette, and 6×4 minimint palette. The usable sizes are a little smaller (due to the border) but she offers you exact dimensions. Since I don’t use MAC shadows, and my main shadows are Sleek
(which are very tiny, approx 20.5cm pans), I had to measure it myself to figure what would fit and what wouldn’t, but I’m glad all the information is widely available.

The beauty of Minimint is that each palette is completely unique to you. Jenny has a whole bunch of patterns/papers and she never reuses them. What’s more, there is so much attention to detail. All the corners are very carefully cut, and even the interior is carefully matched to the exterior!!!! As you can see, the foamboard interior is also very nicely cut. The magnet holding the cover together is pretty damn strong, and the base magnet for palettes is of fair strength too.

Prices are very, very fair, I feel, for a handmade, unique product of great quality. It’s like $5 USD for the smallest size, $7 for Mint and $10 or something for the storage, excluding shipping.


My complete package was super complete:


It came with lots of bubble wrap, a business card, round stickers for labelling pans (you really didn’t need to!) and even a sample! I mean, I just bought a palette for literally a few US dollars, and you give me so much free shit? THANK YOU.

By the way, if you recall, I also used her guide on how to magnetize your make up pans for almost NO COST here. I swear she is as cheapo as I am!!! Warning, it IS a bit more labour intensive.

For reference here is what I could fit into my 4×4 palette:


If I put nothing but Sleek shadows, I can put 4 per row x 5 rows, for 20 shadows.

Because my face powder and my NYX taupe is SUCH a weirdo size and shape, I end up only managing to squeeze 6 shadows. If you don’t need to put face powder, it’ll be much easier.

I would also like a mirror sheet in this palette (since the point of a small palette is to bring it around.) I did ask Jenny if she could do it but she told me she couldn’t and instead referred me to another palette maker who could! So helpful of her 🙂

Overall, my experience was absolutely amazing and I would not hesitate to order from her again. Except you know for my low buy and everything. Do support her!!!


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