Weekly Make up Basket W15 2016

This is the first week I am back at my mum’s place, also the place where I grew up. I live a super transient lifestyle, I’ve shifted house every year for the past 2-3 years 😦 I also don’t foresee myself staying here for too long, if this house sells (and we are hoping it sells soon) we will be moving to the other house we own, and if I manage to buy a house of my own (which I am trying to) we will be moving there in 2018 or so… you get the idea.

So, my make up this week is kept as simple as possible. Also because it’s getting real hot. I used a pink as a base shade on my lids, topped with some copper and gold shimmer. The overall effect is very peachy and summery. I’m also going to use a liquid liner that is very warm, since my whole vibe is a very summery vibe.


Pink + orange + gold = peach? 😀 Minty green is for my Friday look because I LIVE FOR MINT GREEN WITH GOLD.


Since I actually sold my rose gold blush, I’m using a bad coral lipstick (Revlon Audacious) for a nice summer flush. It’s very pigmented and it looks gorgeous on the cheeks but it’s disgusting on the lips.

I’m going to skip the face contouring this week (SHOCK! HORROR!) and go for some light bronzer on the edges of my face. Bonus, I can actually bring my bronzer compact to the office, since I’m taking a very early train. I’m also going to apply the lipstick on the go since it’s a very sheer coral lipstick that’s like My Lips but Brighter.

And for the first time there are swatches!


L-R: Pink, copper, gold, layered to be a peachy gold shade. BCL brown liquid liner, Revlon Audacious Matte Balm (used as blush), Kiko Radiant Touch highlighter, Dior Addict unknown colour.

And full face pics!!!!



Went without the liner today. It’s a pretty simple, summery and pretty look so I went overload on the blush. It’s much more washed out in the pictures, but I look like I was walking in the sun for awhile. Quite pretty but I think I’ll tone it down just a notch 😛

I like this look! Low contrast, very quick but very pretty.


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