Chanel Lilium Quad and NYX Milk in Action

Here is a better example of how NYX Milk is an amazing product, and how my buying questionable beauty items lead to… questionable beauty items.


On the left is my Chanel Lilium Quad. It’s in tester packaging, and Lilium is an extremely old LE release (Autumn 2012? Can’t remember.)

My Nymphea, on the right, is very lovely and buttery, though the colours are very translucent, sheer wash of colour that would be dissed by most Western eyeshadow wearing standards as unpigmented.

Lilium though, is a little dodgy. I know that there are fake Chanel quads around for sure, but to copy an LE, obscure quad is quite a stretch. Still, it’s far more powdery and almost gritty compared to Nymphea. I use Nymphea quite often, but I was Not Impressed when I first swatched Lilium.

Today I did a comparison, one eye using primer and Lilium and the other using primer, NYX Milk and Lilium. I theorized that the white base and tackier texture of Milk would fix the powdery issue of Lilium.


First set of swatches over primer, Second over NYX milk. See how the colour are far more vibrant? The forest green shimmer really comes out in the darkest shade, making it very jewelled.



With primer only. See how everything looks very muted? Plus, there is quite a bit of eyelid texture because I really had to slather on layers and layers of shadow to get the colour to show…..



SO much more vibrant. It took me half the time to do it with Milk than without. All shadows just needed 1 layer, all turned up much more vibrant. The shimmer looks much smoother instead of almost gritty in the previous picture.



Comparison. Your left is with Milk, Right is without. Bad photography aside, you can see the clear difference in vibrancy. Sorry about the lack of the rest of make up….


Bottom line: I have no idea if this is the same Lilium they rolled out all those years ago. If it is, then Chanel SUCKS and they can suck my balls because no one should charge more than like $5 for this shit. Thankfully its great flaws are negated by NYX Milk, a $6 neverending base for EVERYTHING.


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