Sample Rundown #3

Moar samples!!! I’m running out of samples to review though, since I never shop retail and hence never get to enjoy samples. Most samples were passed on from generous friends and family.


Daylong SPF 50 Light Gel and Kids SPF 50 Lipodomal Lotion 


Everyone needs SUNBLOCK! This and the other Daylong were free consumer samples, if you gave the company your mailing address. Both are very similar, and I suspect the only difference is minor changes in active ingredients. It has good emollience and spreads easily, but they are on the sticky side, and left a tacky, greasy finish, and not in an attractive way. Make up doesn’t slip over it, but the greasiness will show through. A LOT. I had to apply 2 full layers of powder foundation over it to mute the greasiness to a satin level (for reference, my usual sunscreen requires only 1 thin layer.) And powder foundation over doesn’t reduce its stickiness, you will still feel it if you touch your face. At least it didn’t burn my eyes. And I believe it’s waterproof too due to the oiliness. However, Ethylhexyl Mecinnimate is one of the top few sunblock ingredients, and if I wanted protection that degrades over time anyway, I would pick my super budget sunscreen any day.

Verdict: Will not purchase, not a bad sunscreen but definitely not one you would use if you were vain. Maaaaaybe you would use it on a kid or at the beach, but it’s not very different from the traditional, greasy sunscreens.


Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel


This is my sample of the cult favourite sunscreen, with tons of loyal users even in America. I can see why people like it. It’s sinks in quick and leaves a dry, smooth finish (almost like a silicone primer.) No stickiness, no greasiness. Really, really nice. It’s can be a bit drying due to the lack of heavier ingredients and inclusion of alcohol, so a moisturizer underneath is a must.

Verdict: Might purchase, except we all know my one true sunscreen love that I will never cheat on. This is like $15 for a measly 30ml.


Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream


An okay cream, it’s kind of a gel-cream consistency but it’s quite sticky. It leaves my face sticky and never fully dries down, which I don’t personally mind but not sure if you would. I usually use this as a night cream. I find that it’s not all that hydrating because I used it in the US and I still got lots of dry flaky patches on the tip of my nose and around the nose.

Verdict: will not purchase, nothing special to me.


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