Weekly makeup basket W14 2016

This week, i really need to use up my green eyeliner that is seriously ancient. Since jewelled green is a tricky colour to pull off, I will be using it as subtly as I can.

I decided to tone it down and make it look better on my lashline by darkening it with black shadow. It also helps to set it. Since it’s so old it smudges far more than a brand new eyeliner. It has also shrunk in the packaging. The fact that it still manages to remain more or less intact (at least, not going all over my face) at the end of the day (with primer though, of course) and it manages to remain almost perfectly cat eye with some judicious use of black eyeshadow to set, is testament to its great staying power. Seriously, the Silky Girl Funky Eye lights are AWESOME pencil liners at a DIRT CHEAP price.

Other than a base shade and contour shade in the crease, I am not wearing any other shadow. Let the green cat eye do the talking 😛


For lips, I needed something cool toned and relatively neutral, so I went with my Lip Theory in Catalyst again. Just as well, since I need to use it up. There’s just a teeny bit left in the sample.

I haven’t posted a snap of my look with the makeup actually on my face because I’ve been really rushing for work these couple of days, so I will try to do it tomorrow.

This is my last week staying at my current place super near my office for awhile. So I want to use my green liner while I still can spend some time on my make up. Next week will be all about the quick and easy looks  while I get used to a new routine. I might even have to do make up in the office toilet 😛

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