Weekly Makeup Basket W16 2016

This week, I have finally got into my routine of waking up at 6.30, doing makeup in 15-20 minutes in half darkness, taking the train before 7.15 and eating breakfast leisurely (and a nap) in the office.


I’m also participating in a palette challenge on r/MakeupRehab, and this week I picked a blush palette to make things fun! I am using my Sleek Candy Collection palette. The cream blush is very nice, pigmented, stains and doesn’t slide around. The powder blushes are, on the other hand, slightly powdery. The lavender is a lovely colour but it doesn’t show up well on my skin 😦

As eyeshadows however they’re pretty great! They combine to be a pinkish, cool toned shadow. I use the lavender as an all over, and the dark pink at the outer corner.

I need to use up my Colourpop Girl Crush eyeshadow, because it’s starting to dry out and its no longer as pigmented and creamy as before. Since it’s a very cool-toned grey, I will be using it as a crease shade.

I’ve picked Life’s Entropy New Horizons as a liner shade because I have a little bit left in a sample baggie and I want to get rid of the damn baggie. Haha. I will be patting it over a black kohl liner I need to use up as well. Yay for incorporating so many to-use items in a look!



Close up of all DA SHIMMA in New Horizons! (swatched over black kohl pencil.)

My eyelids were aggressively pink the whole week.


In addition to make up, I’ve also made a plan to read a book every day on my commute to and back. A relatively easy to read book should take me a week, 2 tops. This week I finished up The Undercover Economist, which I think I read halfway during my school years (and was highly recommended by my economics tutors. You can see I was not that interested in Economics 😉

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