Weekly makeup basket W13 2016

Now that my full time job is back in swing and i would like to have a faster routine in the mornings, i will be using a system of a weekly makeup basket rather than creating a totally new look daily. I’m no good at sticking at the same look for a week, so let’s try!

Fridays are an excuse for brights, so I will be including 1 or 2 colourful that i normally wouldn’t use in the week to use on Friday.

Every Sunday, I will do a look with my chosen products to make sure the colours and tones adhere, and that will be the only products I use for the next week.

Since it was Tuesday when I decided on this, I will be doing this look for the rest of the week:

Eyes: random Sleek base shadow
Kiko supreme cream shadow in 03 (i think jasper green?)
Tonymoly gel liner in choco brown

Lips: Life’s Entropy Lip Theory in Catalyst

Cheeks: NYX cream blush natural (check out the huuuuuge pan!!!)


I really like the Kiko shadow and it’s shrinking but it’s still creamy and stays put. I blend it out on my lid and concentrate it on my lashline. I line the outer corners with Choco Brown.

The kiko shadow is a tricky cool olive shade, but warmed with gold glitter which really comes out after blending. The warm brown liner provides some contrast. Overall its a feminine, soft look, low overall contrast. I will probably have to up the blush a bit as the eyes and lips are more greyed out.

This is a pretty easy look that is quick to do and stays put well for the day!


Love the super easy glossy eyes.

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