My progress in make up rehab.

I decided some time ago I needed to rehab myself. I was veering very dangerously to the addict side of things. I went to MakeupRehab on Reddit, finished up some products through Project Pan, and found the strength to destash a lot of stuff.

Right now, I still have a fair number of beauty blogs that I read regularly, especially Temptalia, so I’m kind of aware of new releases, but I don’t feel the need to obsess about anything. Instead of stopping myself from wanting new releases, I straight up don’t really feel the desire to acquire much more make up. (My wishlist still exists though, but its incredibly short.)

I’m also going through some large personal issues in life, and while make up is a good distraction, I still need to focus on the really important things in life.

Overall, I’m pretty proud of my progress. It’s not about how much make up I currently own (still a lot) but about my mindset. I’m finding more than ever that all kinds of make up are very similar to each other, and there are only so many different brands of eyeshadows/blushes/etc that I try before everything melds into each other.

It also helps that through these 1-2 years of near addiction, I’ve refined my tastes a lot. I know what works and what doesn’t. I know what looks good after a meal and what smears like crazy. I know what products offer moisture and occlusion in my old freezing office (which I am returning to, at a full time position! Woo hoo!!!) I know that I don’t need to put on a full, FULL face everyday, and I’m hoping to slowly cut down on my daily routine, or move as many products to be applied at the office as possible.

Previously, all my fun money was spent on make up. I mean, cos I’m a boring old hag who doesn’t do anything fun anyway, so my fun money was like $50 a month? Right now, I can think of several things that I would like to buy more than more make up.

  1. Sandman Overture: I LOVE the Sandman series, and I haven’t bought a book in like, years. I already read the comics (via illegal download of course) but I would love to collect this lovely hardcover edition because it is absolutely beautiful.


2. Boxing classes. I would really like to be more active, and to train myself in self defense. I picked boxing because I think it’s better to train yourself to have a great foundation. There’s a gym near my workplace, and membership costs $500 for 3 months ($166/ month) or $1600 for 1 year ($133/month.) There are lessons literally every day, and I could go every single day if I wanted.

3. A share in my uncle’s cinema. This is the main goal I have been saving towards for the past few months. My uncle is opening a huge cinema complex in Beijing, and my mum is going to own 10%, and she allowed me 1%. Since I don’t have $100,000, I have been paying off my share slowly every month by saving nearly all my salary.


So that’s it! I will still write on this blog (obviously) because I do love make up and I still have way too many eyeshadows and lipsticks and shit, but I think I can officially check out of MakeupRehab 🙂




One thought on “My progress in make up rehab.

  1. MakeupRehab is one of the coolest subreddits I’ve found!! Even just the daily challenges are pretty neat and keep me motivated. I’m actually in the opposite boat and needing to find motivation to actually Do my makeup and skincare. 🙂


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